Adam Azim warns Rylan Charlton of ‘dangerous’ approach ahead of Sunday’s clash

Adam Azim has warned Rylan Charlton that trying to test his jaw with an aggressive approach at Sunday’s super-lightweight bout would be “dangerous” for him.

The pair met face-to-face at Alexandra Palace on Friday.

Azim, 19, has won all six professional bouts by five knockouts, the last three of them coming in the first round.

However, Charlton said:

“We could have brought him to deep water or finished early.

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Adam Azim admits Rylan Charlton is his biggest test yet but suggests he’s not afraid of Charlton’s punching power as he prepares for Sunday’s match at Alexandra Palace .

“Has he taken shots before? What about his chin? How does he take shots with his gut? We’ll see.”

Azim insists he won’t quit and said it could be an explosive finish if Charlton gets ahead against him.

“He’s coming to win, I’m coming to win, and if someone approaches me, it’s definitely dangerous,” Azim said. “It’s going to be a great fight.

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Ben Shalom believes Adam Azim is the future of British boxing and is delighted to have signed the boxer to a long-term deal

“I’m ready. If he wants to step back, I’m ready to go on the front foot. If he comes to me, I’m ready to step back. I’m an all-rounder, I can fight in any way…”

Charlton, who has established himself as a dangerous fighter by defeating Florian Marc in a thrilling contest in 2021 and ultimately winning by the Albanian, could see his greater experience count. I believe there is.

“To be honest, he’s young and has a lot of pressure on his shoulders,” Charlton said. “I’m a man. This is a man versus a boy.”

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Adam Azim capped Michel Cabral with a hard body shot and a quick combination to the head to close out the first round

Azim claims that pressure is no problem for him.

“Pressure doesn’t bother me at all,” Azim said. “I know I’m really young, but nothing phases me.

“Being myself, being Adam Azim, I am ready.”

Catch Adam Azim vs. Rylan Charlton live at the Sky Sports Main Event or Sky Sports Arena this Sunday at 3pm.

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