Aaron Judge’s shot into home run history ends narrowly

Aaron Judge made history on Thursday night at the stadium.

With four runs in the bottom of the ninth inning, Judge hit a record-tying 61 homers, and his fifth walk-off hit of the season, the most in the MLB.

Across Yankee Stadium with chants of “MVP!”, the judges found a pitch with a 2-2, 95.8 MPH four-seam fastball against Red Sox reliever Matt Barnes.

Aaron Judge stepped into history in his final at-bat on Thursday.
Roger Maris' kids are watching Aaron Judge's flyout.
Roger Maris’ son and daughter watched closely as Aaron Judge got closer to his father’s record-tying feet

As soon as the bat rang, the fans rose from their seats, the cameras flashed, and everyone prepared for the historic moment.

It was expensive. It was far, but it wasn’t.

“Aaron Judge… center field… a long time ago… Quique Hernandez is there,” Fox play-by-play Adam Amin called out on national television.

At 404 feet, Judge’s drive would have been a home run at 13 MLB ballparks. At 113 mph with a launch angle of 35 degrees, it was the most hit ball of the night.

“He caught it on the wall of Monument Park,” WFAN’s John Sterling said on air.

according to MLB index, 19 players hit balls over 113 MPH with launch angles between 33 and 37 degrees. Judges was the first to never leave the field.

Among those hooked at the moment were Roger Mullis, the Yankees, and the family of American League single-season home run holders. They watched Hernandez carefully as he put on the gloves on the judge’s attempt.

What you need to know about Aaron Judge and his home run record chase:

The Yankees walked off in the bottom of the 10th to clinch a playoff spot with a 5-4 win, but the Judges continued their search for 61 after going 0-2 with three walks and one strikeout to end the night.

Judges get their next chance on Friday against Rich Hill and the Red Sox. Controversial game set to air on Apple TV.

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