Aaron Judge still looking for hit against Red Sox’s Michael Wacha

Aaron Judge made history Thursday night against the Red Sox and had to face a pitcher who has had little success in his career.

Judges have seen Boston starter Michael Wacha come to Yankee Stadium on Thursdays 15 times since their first showdown in 2017.

In his quest to tie Roger Maris’ Yankees with the AL mark of 61 home runs in one season, the judges were also finally looking to hit against Wacha.

Aaron Judge racked up walks on Thursday but still couldn’t pick up a hit against Michael Wacha.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Poe

In their latest round, Wacha escaped unscathed — in a way. He walked the judges twice and beat him in Thursday’s final meeting. Two walks in the 1st and 3rd caused boos from the Yankee Stadium crowd, who wanted to see the judges hit their 61st home run of the season.

The judges’ luck didn’t improve even after the ban on Japanese tea was lifted, and that night, he made his third walk against relief pitcher John Shriver, earning more boos from the crowd. In the bottom of the 9th inning, grab a chance to go down in history with a goodbye home run, the judge soon appeared in a 404-foot flyout against Matt Barnes.

What you need to know about Aaron Judge and his home run record chase:

It was Josh Donaldson’s single in the bottom ten. Qualified for the playoffs with a 5-4 win for the Yankees.

For Judges, he gets another shot at 61 on Friday. Opposing teams are well aware of what happens if he doesn’t go deep.

wednesday bronx devotees He booed Pirates reliever Eric Stoutin the final at-bat of the night, the judges also walked 14-2 win.

#52 Michael Wacha of the Boston Red Sox will provide the pitch.
Michael Wacha’s record against Aaron Judge remains unblemished by the hit.
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After the loss, Pirates manager Derek Shelton said, “Oh, I knew the crowd’s reaction was going to be like, ‘I’ve been to Yankee Stadium many times. I don’t think you’ve seen any left, but you know, they were all in the ballpark.”

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