A trip to Genesis Point, Dish’s 5G network, was nothing short of disappointing

The moment I’ve been waiting for for the past few months finally came when I took the bus down the Las Vegas Strip.

I was testing Dish’s new 5G network. Turning the company into the fourth largest wireless carrier in the US — very mediocre results. But those tests were in Spokane, Washington. Now I was finally in the city where it all started and where the network is most mature. And in that moment on the bus, I was sent to Vegas and found what I was looking for. It’s proof that Dish’s service may one day be really competitive. A respectable 41 ms ping.

I excitedly typed a message to my colleague on Slack. I finally found the cloud 5G,” he proudly displayed a screenshot of the speed test results, making it look like parents had discovered that their child could actually do an art.

When the bus passed Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen and Bar, my internet completely stopped working, so I couldn’t tell how they reacted.

A screenshot worthy of the location of the refrigerator door.

I’m afraid it won’t quite capture the disappointment of the moment, but if you’re going to shoot it, you’ll need to back it up a bit.

The cell network I’m testing, Project Genesis, is basically testing a dish of nationwide cell networks that legally need to be built thanks to T-Mobile’s 2020 merger with Sprint. As part of that merger, plate Purchase Boost Mobile and access select spectrum received by T-Mobile as part of the transaction; and that agreed to build a nationwide wireless network Make sure there is competition in the market. June, Project Genesis Stream live in 120+ cities rear about 1 year Or test and build your network in Las Vegas.

Genesis is… odd mix Spokane, Washington is one of them. I happened to live there so I was assigned to cover it and I check in from time to time to see how the service is going.So far the results are rather disappointing. feels like beta without offering incredible performance to compensate for the hiccups.

I always felt like I didn’t get enough of Genesis

However, all of these impressions are based on my experience in Spokane. But I promise to say it with love, almost everything here is just a little bit worse than elsewhere. (@don’t do it to me Unless you don’t want to hear long-winded rants about the lack of museums and the difficulty of reloading bus cards. local ecopolitics.)

I’ve always thought that the real benefits of what Dish describes as “the country’s first cloud-native smart 5G network” might be apparent elsewhere, especially in Las Vegas, where it’s theoretically the most mature. Spokane has about 15 dish towers, compared to over 100 dish towers in Las Vegas, according to crowdsourced CellMapper data. (Though, as far as I know, I’m literally the only contributor to the map in Spokane, so there could be a few others.) In theory, this should mean much more coverage, faster speeds, and all the other benefits you get just by having a much more developed network.

Is the idea of ​​Las Vegas as a Genesis utopia all in my head? I’ve heard from several people that they had a really good experience in Las Vegas. Vegas continues to be a testbed for new technology for Dish. This includes his experimental 5G voice technology known as VoNR. It is intended to be the next-generation version of Voice Over LTE and includes the deployment of cellular spectrum band n66, which currently appears to be unused elsewhere. According to CellMapper. Band 66 aggregates other spectrum owned by Dish, which the company says should lead to “increased data throughput.”

But Dish never overtly pitched Vegas as a showcase for its technology.So showing it to my colleague was a total joke Reddit comments Las Vegas talks about how the network has become sophisticated, and the next check-in is Have Including travel to Nevada. “There is no other way.

And my boss actually took me seriously.

Screenshot of two Slack messages from Alex Cranz. If you want to do Genesis too...

Never joke.

This is how I found myself sitting at the airport in Las Vegas, trying to get away from my Genesis phone hotspot, fighting the urge to panic. I didn’t know what I was doing. The sluggish hotspot performance on my phone (one of the two phones Dish currently supports) didn’t help much either. Web pages take a long time to load and Slack stopped working at all for some reason.

I thought, “This is fine.”I hadn’t actually seen a map, so I assumed the airport was relatively far from the city center where all the towers are located (fact check: it’s basically on the strip), 5G tends to suck around airports anyway. surprisingly interesting reasonI said to myself, “If I actually go to Vegas, things will get better.”

And they did! On the bus to the hotel, my cell phone worked fine and I was able to send photos with (allegedly) clever captions to colleagues, friends and my wife. And for the next day or so, there was almost nothing noteworthy about my phone. I hadn’t thought about it — it just worked the way I expect the phone to work.

Download speeds generally ranged from 20-40 Mbps, and I only experienced one outage when I took the elevator. Admittedly, I wasn’t blown away by that kind of performance, but if the future is quietly capable technology, I think I can live with it.

But I can’t speak to how Dish’s new voice technology is progressing. Because I had the wrong phone even though he owns one of the only two phones the carrier supports. Sign up for services with a Spokane address). According to company spokesperson Meredith Dyers, the only phone that can use Dish’s VoNR technology is his Edge Plus from Motorola. Other calls in Las Vegas go through Dish’s “partner network,” which stands for AT&T or T-Mobile.

A screenshot of a comment screen on a Reddit post titled

How can I enjoy dunks if they don’t load?

Blissful boredom in Project Genesis: Vegas Edition came to an end that night while waiting for a long delayed bus near the Medical District. I had a very healthy nightly routine, bouncing back and forth between Reddit (to find funny or cute cat pics to send to her wife) and Twitter (to read the next article). was How Twitter is completely collapsing — when suddenly my data was slow to crawl.

At first, the comments weren’t loaded. Then photos. And I can no longer send messages. What I’m trying to say is that my phone almost completely stopped working, but somehow Google Maps managed to hold on. Finally, the bus arrived and me and one or two of her others began to shuttle to our destination.

It wasn’t meant to withstand a nighttime public transport journey without distractions, especially after a very long day. write about graphics cardI stared out the window at the passing moonlit suburbs and reflected on exactly what I had been doing. Why did you think using this cell network in Vegas would be better than at home? Why did you volunteer to report two separate articles in one trip? Is there anyone who has the same creeping frustration with buggy, pushy, over-hyped tech?

Dish has committed the greatest sin: leaving my thoughts behind and leaving me behind

I only wanted to wear “Cold Desert” from Kings of Leon To fully fill the ambience, my Project Genesis phone couldn’t handle music streaming.

Thankfully, just as I was actually about to start processing my emotions in a healthy way, my phone rang and let me know that a few telegram messages had arrived. I was able to fill my thoughts with wa, baby, and again petty drama. This caused the last functioning brain cells to submit in a massive sugar rush caused by the crepe. For a while, I forgot all the burden of trying to figure out his newborn 5G network.

It was time to leave Las Vegas the next day. Back in his double-decker tourist bus on the Strip. Instead of staring out the window to squint at a replica of the Eiffel Tower through see-through advertising graphics, I poked my phone and tried to bring back the service it had given up entirely. I’ve exhausted the advanced troubleshooting skills I’ve built up through years of technical support.

If the map stops working, it means things went very wrong. Also, again, his five bars of 5G.

Both steps were successful when this kind of network drop-off happened a few times at home, but failed that day. I reluctantly dug into his iPhone of the daily driver (which also Slightly unstable cloud-based network) out of my backpack so I wouldn’t miss a stop.

I don’t expect Dish’s network to be perfect. Sure, the company touts it as a “first of its kind” revolutionary and promises it will “change the way we connect,” but the carriers who haven’t made any notable claims about 5G Is there? After all, Dish only needs the network for two things. It covers enough people that the FCC won’t sue, and sucks about as fast as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

And honestly, it comes surprisingly close to being an acceptable sucker! I often put it away. my service is However First FCC deadline, under consideration. selling the brand It said it would be used to promote the network widely. And when it happened not once but twice in the city where the network actually started, I finally got the message that I disagree with the hype.

By the time I got to the “Welcome to Vegas” sign, my phone was dead and back online. But it was too late. My dreams were completely shattered, and even Creed’s “My Sacrifice” was inexplicably blown up as tourists lined up to take pictures at the entrance to the city, but what lifted my spirits was At least I managed to get back to the airport so I could go home and continue with pretty much the same cell phone experience.

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