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A Dual Conflict Togo vs. Burkina Faso: Agbozo envoie un message fort aux Éperviers et au public |

Klousseh Agbozo has sent a message of support to the Epervier Group after injury with Club Vendradi deprived them of selection for the Togo-Burkina Faso double showdown on 24 and 28 March 2023.

« The moment you wrote these words my heart was heavy with feelings of pity and hope. , the afternoon training session with my club is eu raison de moi », a écrit le joueur de l’Olympique Beja sur sa page Facebook.

Ne pouvant plus Honorer sa convocation pour la double conflict togo vs burkina faso « Already starting the healing process » afin de revenir « Biente-sur-le-Terrain ».

“As for my teammates and selections, I wish them future opportunities and victories in public. A très bientôt », at-il conclusion.

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