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8 ways to save time and take better care of yourself

In this case, your list of time-saving routines during the day isn’t meant to improve your productivity, but to help you find the space to prioritize your emotional well-being. Our mental health needs to be taken care of from the moment we wake up. Experts recommend scheduling these self-care times to prioritize your mental health. Psychologist Marta Caldereror reminds us how important it is to find those moments. «Πολλές φόρες αυτόο χρόνος διακυβεείατεαπό Work requirements, obligations, family needs and financial limitations. But research shows that when we spend time taking care of ourselves, our lives become more balanced and our levels of well-being improve,” he says. From, we’ve created a list of routines that will help you save time during the day. This allows me to take care of myself a little more and do other things that bring me peace, like reading, listening to podcasts, and having conversations. .


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