7 Games to Distract Your Baby Cousin This Thanksgiving

“Do you have games on your phone?”

It’s this question that haunts black gamers every time they get home for Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re still at the awkward age of being too grown for a child’s table but not long enough for an adult’s table, it’s usually because the onus is on you to take care of them. Asked by young relatives. You’re a cool, video-game-playing cousin, and your younger relatives look up to you and want to be like you, whether you’re chastised or not. would like to participate as well. task — Activities that you enjoy.

To serve that grand tradition, we have compiled a list of games that are fun and easy to play with your sticky relatives. It’s a single player game for those who are), but we’ve also added some of our favorite multiplayer games. Since consoles are designed with travel convenience in mind, we’ve also designed this list of mobile games to eliminate the need to carry around a bulky console, with the exception of a few Switch games.

Desta: The Memories Between (Netflix Mobile)

Netflix is ​​serious about the mobile gaming market, Desta: Memory Between A contender for the best games on the service. Simple touch controls, fun and versatile abilities, and the fact that you can bounce rubber balls and hit them in the face of your enemies in this roguelike roguelike dodgeball strategy game are sure to keep kids entertained for a while. The game’s thoughtful exploration of relationships and gender identity might also be good for her older teens, who need reassurance in a confusing and turbulent adult life.

Marvel Snap (Android / iOS)

It’s now impossible to list mobile games without including it. marvel snapThis game is perfect for older kids who want a collectible card game to play. Magic: The Gathering Arena Also hearthstone Perfect for younger siblings who love watching colorful Marvel heroes beat each other without a steep learning curve.

Oxenfree (Netflix Mobile)

the same as desta, Mujirushi Ryohin is one of them Mobile exclusive via Netflix Bangor. This game is for your quiet reader-type cousin.

nailed it! Baking Bash (Netflix Mobile)

My colleague Andrew Webster recommended This Netflix mobile game If that’s one of the games his kids enjoy. And honestly, a 9-year-old who doesn’t like playing with frosting and sugar and cake batter and trying to make as much of a mess in the kitchen as possible. Are you there?

Alto’s Odyssey / Adventure (Android / iOS / Apple Arcade)

alto’s adventure and its sequel Alto’s Odyssey is an endless runner game for Android and iOS. Snowboard or sandboard your way through different biomes, perform tricks and flips for high scores. It’s the perfect game after a big dinner when the sweat of the flesh is pouring out and there’s nothing more complicated than tapping the screen and letting the baby digest the food.

Nintendo Switch Sports (Nintendo switch)

You can’t go wrong with kids and motion control.I can really go very Wrong, but from an entertainment point of view, motion control games are always popular. nintendo switch sports 6 pieces (almost seven years old) It’s a game that anyone can get the hang of, even uncles with bad knees.Try to play away from the oldest aunt Hummel Collection.

Battle Chef Brigade (Nintendo Switch)

Imagine a game called iron chef-major bejeweled meet Hollow Knight (sort of): that is battle chef brigadeAs a budding chef, you’ll enter contests to put your culinary skills to the test against challengers to see who deserves a place in the prestigious Battle Chef Brigade. Fight monsters for ingredients, use your match-3 skills to create delicious dishes, and appease the taste buds of the judges. I love this game and always put it on every recommended list I can. And since it’s Thanksgiving, why not play a cooking game?

All-you-can-eat (Nintendo Switch)

Speaking of cooking games… all you can eat It’s the troll entry at the bottom of the list that’s included to provoke laughter. overheated game teeth Spirit destroyer and family destroyerThis is the video game equivalent of playing Spades or Uno. This game isn’t for the faint of heart or slow thumb, but it’s really fun if you have a rowdy crowd.

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