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7 Days to #GetCovered on the Health Insurance Marketplace® – Register Now!

published to March 24, 2014

Consumers are just days away from getting their 2014 coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.®Marketplace general registration closes March 31st.

There are still great deals available. Nationwide, six of her 10 uninsured Americans can get insurance for less than $100 a month.

don’t delay. Register today.

Here are some tips for consumers.

  • Time is running out. Marketplace general registration closes March 31st.
  • Please be prepared. Start by collecting important information such as date of birth, social security number, and document number for everyone making the application.
  • get help. You can sign up 24/7. (which is working smoothly). You can also sign up in Spanish. CuidadoDeSalud.govAt any time, call 1-800-318-2596 and a trained representative will assist you with your registration. (We do not recommend mailing in your paper application now, as there are only a few days left).You can also find people in your community who can help you
  • Reduce costs. We found that 83% of those who signed up for a plan on the marketplace were eligible for cost savings to make insurance more affordable.
  • Get what you need most. Think about what you need most in health insurance. Affordable premiums, access to certain healthcare providers, coverage for certain medications, and more. Knowing what matters most to you makes comparing options and choosing a plan easier and faster.
  • Take action today. If you’re trying to enroll and encounter delays, or need help from your caseworker or call center representative, don’t worry. Even if the details of your situation are not yet resolved, we can help you get covered.
  • After registering through the MarketplaceAnd don’t forget to pay your first monthly premium. Your coverage is not valid until you take that step. Remember, if you don’t register by March 31st, you won’t be covered until next year. If you can afford the premium and choose not to take out the insurance, you can pay the 2014 taxes.

We are ready to help you and are registering people like you every day. read personal stories Or how Marketplace helped people across the country share your stuff #GetCovered Talk.

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