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$2 million for the best skater of 2023: «only one» at the end

online bar Skarkew In 2023, it will go down in history as ‘μαραθώνιος’.

this year Champions Chess Tour The world’s best players will compete in a series of tournaments to win a share of $2 million shared with the winner of each tournament.

With $235,000 in prizes for each event, the winner of each tournament qualifies for the final stage of the Top Flight live in December for $500,000.

Website hosts a total of 6 tournaments. The first is his Airthings Masters in Thessaloniki.

carlsen is coming

Several players, including world champion Mágknus Kárlsen and American champion Chikárou Nákamoura, will be vying for the top spot at the end of the year.

Οποιος γιάτρος ἀνήσεις την και τιτρος και και δεκδικήσει του πρόκρισή στη φαση το νοκ-άουτ αγώνων, 56 players will participate.

Matches are played in a quick format, with each player given 15 minutes per part and 3 dutero lengths for each move.

Στο το τέλος «ένας θα μενει Details: ο αδιμφισβήτητα μεχορος σκακιστής σκακιστήσεις σον κόσμος», Director of, declared Έρικ Αελπεστ. «Аныпомоноуме на то ζυσημος with the skákistíkí community.»

Online platform reports that it now has over 102 million registered users, up 238% since January 2020, and has 7.5 million daily active users.

“There has never been a more exciting time for chess fans,” said in a statement, noting that traffic was so high it was difficult to meet demand and servers were forced to slow down during peak chess hours. I’m commenting that it can cause problems. .

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