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Ώθηση σε πόλησημα και τώντροσμα «νειδεμαν» οι αναλυτές

According to Ποναγιώτη Καπόπουλο, chief economist at Alpha Bank, the fact that client salaries have increased gradually over the past two years has helped the business sector absorb it. [SHUTTERSTOCK]

Positive effects are estimated by analysts consumption και και στην economic development its increase κατώτατουμισθουIn fact, ο πεφαροκος του ΕΚΠΑ Παναγιώτης Πετράκης A 9.5% increase is estimated to lead to an increase in consumer demand of 500 million. EUR.

However, not everyone agrees on the size of the increase, which seems to exceed the bounds of productivity growth, and could adversely affect employment and the competitiveness of the economy, they argue. ing.

For Παναγιώτη Καπόπουλο, chief economist at Alpha Bank, the fact that client salaries have increased gradually over the past two years has helped the business to absorb it. «The increase was necessary οκατώτατοςμισθός», he comments, since it was ‘Pagomenos’. «Furthermore, the following factors are very important: In 2023, in addition to investment, economic activity and private consumption will need to be strengthened. του κατώτατου μισθού πολύςει πολύς σ’ είνα την Direction». Note that Alpha Bank recently revised its growth forecast to 2.5% from a previous 1.6-1.7% to take into account salary increases. In fact, the bank’s chief economist estimates that there may be other increases as it has been “stuck” at very low levels for so long.

Yesterday’s economic analysis estimated that the increase was large and exceeded the number of businesses. In total, the 18.9% increase in 1.5 years outpaced the productivity increase (11%). And he acknowledges that some increase is needed, given the need to catalyze development among the contributors of production, given the affluence, but if this is great, the competitiveness of the economy is acknowledged to be fulfilled.

According to κ. Πετράκη, η την της της της της ορίων αντοχών της της έχονική, αν και οι αντοχήν της της της της της της της Ερτάκης, αν και οι αντοχής της της της της. 注機能:

«A key question that arises is whether companies are in a position to meet these obligations. There are two elements to this he has to do with it. α) The fact that the current increase has led to a significant increase in the company’s revenue. β) The economy-wide net operating surplus in the fourth quarter of 2022 increased by 17% compared to the fourth quarter of 2021, and wages of dependent workers increased by 3% over the same period. However, the participation of different types of companies in generating surpluses is uneven, with the largest companies in a better position.

Either way, given the strength of the economy, I think increasing employee income is a generous move. This will also play an important role in the economic recovery in terms of shaping expectations. real economy».

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