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Φουντώνει ο πόλεμος «κρατικόν επιδοτήσεων» μεταξυ Ε.Ε.

on the condition that they have They have changed after three years of the coronavirus pandemic and a year of war in Ukraine change the balancenot only reduce the cost of living for citizens everywhere, but also reduce the production of enterprises.

in context Retention, Compare επιδοτήσεις It is also intended for multinational companies and large communities that move some of their production within the United States.

Ο americas προστατευτισμός caused European reaction and caused fires διαφαινόμενηκούρσαασύδοτωνκρατικόνπαροχών Who, as analysts say, will get a big share of future investments in “the companies that are already doing well”?

Last Friday, U.S. President Tso Mbainten and European Commission President Seura von Nte Leyen agreed to negotiate an agreement that would make it easier for Europe to meet the requirements set by the European Commission. agreed. American Pollution Control Act σεό,τικαιτηςεπιδοτήσεις.

Masterpiece of «ΙRA»

As he mentioned in his article Politico«The first question is how the President of the United States, Tso Πάιντεν, used a huge package of government subsidies within the framework of legislation on reducing pollution (Inflation Reduction Act – IRA) It will attract major players in the European industry, such as Volkswagen and battery supplier Northvolt, to explore the possibility of shipping to the United States. The second question is how the European Union responded to the first».

«These requirements still occur. Καγουδιες φόρες αναρωτιμέσεις: Γεγασία για θεμιτές ολληνικής οι οι κατένας είναι εκμεταλλείους τη συγκυρία γιανατσεκάρουν how far they can go »σημείωνειστοισμόμέσοςεπιλωμάτης.

Εν мείωση φόβων πως η επόρξξιακόνη της προς προς προμέρξιακης τορος και κόντρα στις μετάρρυθμίσεις Μπάιντεν, οι Βρυξέλλες αντεπιτέσετε προβλέποντας προιθώρια κρατικόν Αντήσεις στης έντις εικόνικής.

China already dominates the state-of-the-art supply chain, and “the situation is evolving in racing global events, a dream for all competitors,” commented Politico.

If the Bruxelles plan fails, the question is not only about the future of European industrial production sustainability, Fundamental Principles of a Free Market Economy The European Union was built around it. The risks for European Member States are that their efforts may not succeed, the company may be moved out of his EU, or they may fail financially and European taxpayers will have to pay again. is.

threat and threat

At next week’s Brussels Summit, the competitiveness of the European economy will be debated among the leaders of member states, with the focus on: industry of the futureelectric vehicles, batteries, and renewable energy sources such as solar panels and solar panels.

This is an ideal opportunity for companies to increase government subsidies as well as to increase demands on entrepreneurship-friendly European law.

Multinationals are threatening to move production from cars to batteries out of the European Union, or at least postpone final investment decisions. i find a job in europe and the weight of the world economy.

Φουντώνει ο πόλεμος «κρατικόν επιδοτήσεων» μεταξυ Ε.Ε.

Ψδη, η Tesla Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor maker, has announced a change in strategy and the move of some units to the United States in order to benefit from the effects provided by legislation on reducing pollution. A similar.

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk, at the end of the decade in 2010, was looking for a suitable location to build a ‘Giga Station’, Germany, Holland and Greece, Belgium «red carpet» at the event of his choice. Supporting payments for their investment is huge.

«We check the possibilities» Νικλας Βόλβέργκ, antiprøedros του ομίλου Volvo mentions a series of new US tax incentives. «But Europe is also very important to us.need to see europe try to be ahead of the times σε выбология выбор» семионей.

Παρασκηνιακά, λομπίστες της της αυτοκίνητοβιοχείανίας επισημαύνεν πως οι επιδοτήσεις is part of the game. «Θα αναρωτιοται κεσην για της και της πόλυτινονικών αν δε υστασίας τις επιδοτήσεις ως διαπραγματικό παράγος» λέει ο Χόλγκερ Γκεργκ, του Institute for the World Economy στο Κίελο.

And it’s not just European and American multinationals that need government grants to finance their operations.ah Chinathe dominant player in the market is also one of the global players in the same market.

«Everyone I know in the automotive industry has been approached by a Chinese company. They are essential sales jobs. As Europeans, they want to talk to the government and make a good deal about factories and other things» says in the car market.

european synagogue

Meanwhile, the European Union believes it has already responded to business demands with a series of major policy changes “moving away from the friendly economic approach of the past decade”.

Φουντώνει ο πόλεμος «κρατικόν επιδοτήσεων» μεταξυ Ε.Ε.

On Thursday, the European Commission announced that Regulatory plan for a ‘low-emission bioindustry’ of air temperature (Net-Zero Industry Act) – a plan to improve Europe’s competitiveness in clean technology production.

Last week Brussels announced its plans Further Relaxation of Rules for Government Aid Due to Crisis – Compare. The proposal would allow EE countries the same level of support for companies that may go abroad, in the context of an “antitrust assistance” program to help Europe compete with the United States.

«Ο “νόμος περί Μειος Πληθωρισμός” looks exactly the same, τι φοβοταν κι εππρίδιν ο προστήν: start campaign» ο Ντέιβιντ Κλάιμαν, επιστής στο στο Describe the think tank Bruegel. “Large multinational communities can now play the cards of the European Union against American proposals.”

Ο Κλάιμαν το απακαλεί «Mental games» aimed at increasing the stakes Distribution In the case of Germany’s Volkswagen, it told the U.S. government in the IRA to wait for Europe’s reaction before deciding where to build the new plant.

«IRA is very attractive Europe risks losing investment competition δισεκατομμυρίων που θα δεσεικατούν του ποσεχείς και χρανιός» points out, inter alia, in the commemoration of Τόμας Σμαλ, head of the Volkswagen field. A few days later, the investment of several shares in a German company in Canada whose production is compatible with the IRA.

opposite opinion

Amid mounting pressures and threats, protests from European countries continued to warn the European Commission that loosening regulations on subsidies would endanger the balance of the internal market.

«This is a misallocation of public resources that is detrimental to employment and consumers in smaller Member States». I warn you that it will cause problems. Cycle σπατάλης even κι γραφή Ε.Ε.

Φουντώνει ο πόλεμος «κρατικόν επιδοτήσεων» μεταξυ Ε.Ε.

First, the philanthropic European People’s Party (ΕΛΚ) sought to block or amend a series of EU environmental regulations out of concern that they would hurt competitiveness.

As Κιέλου’s Institute for the World Economy warned, η..

“Companies looking to expand into the United States seem to be happy to receive the support given there,” he notes, noting that investment decisions Contribution only has nothing to do withmarket size and dynamics, promoter locations, and other factors such as regional economic and political stability.

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