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Υψηλότερο εισόδημα για το 94.6% των συνταξιούχων

Περιστή ήνασα στο εισόδημα των syntax They are expected to make price increases next month from four sources, and at least 9 out of 10 will have to pay additional amounts into their accounts. In fact, for almost all of these quantities, they correspond to additional syntax.The relevant laws were passed yesterday Bowie and now his competent service ΕΦΚΑ However, an increase of the order of 7.7% is also seen. συνταξιούχους απότοτέλος Αναρίους.

Ме база высота та этоменты программы программы о минузитер Аргагаша Κωστής Χατζηδάκης At least 2,499,285 beneficiaries will benefit from a 7.75% increase in contributions, cancellation of solidarity contributions or payment of €250 stipend from 1 January 2023, said the plenary session of the House of Commons. . 1,344,696 pensioners were given a double increase due to a combination of an increase of around 7.75%, the cancellation of solidarity contributions or the payment of €250 of emergency financial assistance, resulting in 185,649 “extra” pensioners There is also Those who receive a triple increase due to the combination of the 7.75% increase, the cancellation of the solidarity contribution or the payment of the €250 emergency financial assistance and the application of the fourth annual increase of ν.Βρουτση.

In particular, from the tactical increase “Sepagaoma” from early 2023, Ministry of Labor Also, items processed by EΦΚΑ’s services are increased by up to 7.75% to 1.724.713 συνταξιούχοι. Of these, 80%-85% see his 7.75% increase, while the majority of disadvantaged people see an increase of over 7%, proportional to the height of individual variability.

There are 912,644 συνταξιούχοι που θα δουν στις συντάχεις Ιαναρίου μια την καταργηση της εισφοράς αλελεγγύης . 1.206.624 συντάξιούχοι θα πελάτην το έκτακτο βοήθημα των 250 ευρος until December 20.

Στο το τέλος του χρόνων, probably before Christmas, τις συντάχεις Ιαναρίου, 231.655 συντάξιούχοι θα την ην την ην την της του τουττη.

Benefits for the above categories will be distributed as follows:

1. 1.724.713 benefits from a 7.75% increase.

2. Double increase (7.75% and 397.164 συνταξιούχις increase)

1.724.713 benefits from the 7.75% increase.

3. A double price increase (7.75% plus a 250 euro emergency financial assistance payment) amounts to 947,532 συνταξιούχοι.

4. Triple increase (7.75%, katabolya tis étatúrás économicá ságátás ton 250 euros and 4η annual growth rate tú ν. Βρούτση) tha δουν 35.252 συνταξιούχοι.

5. Triple increase (7.75%, της καταργησης της εξεφησης εισφοράς allelégύης and 4η annual increase του ν. Βρούτση) τα δουν 150.397 συνταξιοχιοι.

Of course, there are 910,073 pensioners with individual differences who are excluded from the horizontal and permanent increase in pensions. His 83% of them improve their income, according to EΦΚΑ data, by eliminating special contributions (515,480). At the same time, we can expect an increase after 2024, as individual variability will be significantly reduced.

There are also 259,092 low-income individuals who will receive a financial assistance of €250, although their tax rate will not increase substantially from +7.75%. Και σε ἐπος άλλωστε θα της η περισματικά διαφάρεια.


Pensioners who receive 750 euros monthly will receive an increase of 58 euros (+696 euros per annum) from January 1st. At the same time, you will also receive an emergency allowance of €250. In total, the profit is 946 euros, which is significantly more than one additional payment. If for the same pensioner he has an individual difference of around 70 euros, this will reduce him to 12 euros. But normally it costs 250 euros.

However, a new pensioner with no individual differences would also receive +2.83 on top of the 40 euros per month, with a monthly premium of 514 euros, an increase of 7.75%, if he had been insured for more than 30 years. will be % by νόμου Βρούτση (ήτοι 450 συν 174 ευρο τον χρωνο). Due to my low income, I also receive €250. So combining his three income benefits above gives a total benefit of €904.

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