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Τέλος στο Ιφοθηκόφυλακείο Αθηνηνών

The first step of the transition to the new era Κτηματολογίου Make Monday η Athens.or hospital It is now replaced by a registry office with digital registration of all transactions and the possibility of digital search of their files. The second and most important step will take place in the summer, when the office will move into the final structure of the library, providing all digital services.

On March 1st, after several years and various “waves”, the land registry was officially completed in the municipality of Αθηναίων. On Thursday and Friday, the Athens tax office will be closed to make the “transition” from the old system to the new system, and will reopen as a tax office on Monday. Οπως ελληνικά στην «Κ» ο δεμήτρης Σταθάκης«The main advantage is to move from the ancient system of book transcription and hypotheses (which has no spatial reference) to the modern digital system, using a single map and spatial reference of reference codes (КАЕК) for easy real estate searches. Εις το το το την της της της της της της της κατήματολογικός του Ελληνική Κτηματολογίου».

The professionals (δικηγόροι, συμβραιογραφίαι, механиκοι) are invited from Monday to operate in the new framework, which is already operating for the other two areas that are subject to the Ιφοθηκοφυλακείο Αθηνην, το Galάτσι and το Μοσχάτο (κτηματοφαρίας την την την την την την την της περισσότερα). The main changes are the following three points.

• Θα ζητηται απόσπασμα κτηματολογικό διαγραμμέτη (αντί για κτηματογραφούμενου ακινήτου) All actions.

• Experts can access κτηματολογική base για τα κίνητα via Ιντερνετ.

In the summer, offices will move into the final structure of the library, and attendees will have access to all digital services.

• Το «τέλος κατάθεσης προσης» θα ἀστήση κατά 1 τοις χιλίοις.

«Εκτιμάμε το στα του καλοκαιριού το κτηματολογικό της Αθηνας θα ενταχέτη στη στηρότητα Ελληνικά Κτηματολογίου (σ.σ. της τότες της στης της δικαιοδοσία του δικαιασύνης). Οταν στην της του, οι συναλλασσόμενοι με τηματολογική θα και του το το το το την σηματιακός του , electronic payment κ.ά.».

Athens’ tax office is one of the largest in the country, with 1.33 million registered people. Ownership. In 2022, he will carry out 34,056 operations on specific mortgages. Most of them (24,102) involved property transfers and the remaining miscellaneous operations (mortgages, mortgages, mortgages, mortgages, disposals, mortgages, transfers, charts and memos). In the same year, 10,627 applications were submitted for certification.

At the same time, a competition is underway to “relocate” the office to a new building. Two bids have been submitted for buildings in the larger area, and the move is set to take place in his October. Νωρίτερα το το το της στησιοποισίας των του καιβλίων του καιβλίων, που ποῦ είναι σε 21 εκατ. funded by the Foundation).

The integration of the Athenian taxonomy office into the Greek taxonomy concludes a long journey that began 15 years ago. Specifically, a Declaration of Ownership by Citizens and Companies took place in his 2008-2009. At this stage, 833,000 declara- tions of ownership were filed, equivalent to his 1,251,000 titles. However, the creation of the digital database, which was published as a separate project, started in 2016 due to legal issues. After the announcement in March 2019 and the announcement from June to October 2020, the store closed on March 1, two weeks ago.

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