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Τέλος στη σμμαχία MSC – Maersk για τεροφή κοντέινερ


The two largest shipping companies have halted their global operations.The reason MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company and the Maersk, the two major players in terms of cargo volume, today announced that they will end their partnership by January 2025. “MSC and Maersk recognize that a lot has changed since he signed his 10-year deal in 2015. ,” said the joint announcement. It was also pointed out that this decision had no direct impact on the client, and that they “did not wish to continue strong cooperation during the temporary cooperation period.”

In 2022, MSC has overtaken Maersk to become the world’s largest freight forwarder, but has taken advantage of recent industry developments to implement a program to order new vessels and buy existing vessels. Under the management of ΖόρενΤοφτ, a former high-ranking member of Maersk, his MSC grew rapidly, according to the Financial Times. In fact, analysts estimate that 2M doesn’t need cooperation. Of course, it’s worth noting that the two companies together control her two parts of the global freight network. The 2Μ partnership will allow customers of both companies to operate more frequent routes than any one company can offer.

Maersk argued that the termination of the 2M partnership was in line with a recent change in strategy. With this, we focus on providing services in the supply chain management sector that covers the entire period of transportation from warehouse to delivery. client. In recent years, as the conclusion shows, the Greek government has conducted a series of $2 million auctions to step up its activities in the area of ​​managing supply chain systems.

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