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ΣΥΡΙΖΑ: Σε την της η της Π.Γ.

A meeting of the political secretariat of ΣΥΡΙΖΑΠΣ is underway under the party leader. ΑλέξηΤσίπρα.

I have a meeting This is the most important issue in our lives. Not only the party’s strategy, but especially considering that the Commission on Parliamentary Affairs and Parliamentary Transparency will meet on Monday.

Participate in ΠΓ meetings and ο Paul Polakis (είναι μέλος του Οργάνου). Επισημαίνεται οτιο πολευτής ενόψει της της περισσότερας της ΠΓ sent a letter yesterday to its members and its ethics committee, which has been criticized for posting on the Internet.ξεκαθαριστήσεων, as he stated, “I do not intend to publicly challenge the exclusive authority of our collectives to make decisions, or much the same of our collective processing was”.

Among other things, he wrote in his letter, in reference to his post on the composition of the vote, “recognizing that it was a mistake because there are party issues that should not be discussed in public, but should be resolved. “Within the organization of the party,” he said.

Regarding the post that led to the referral to the Ethics Committee, he said in a letter, “This was a response to an earlier interview with the president of ΣΥΡΙΖΑ-ΠΣ Αλέξη Φσίπρα…” I didn’t do that in the first place,” he stressed. I wasn’t going to challenge Alex Tsipra, who I’ve been fully supportive of since 2012. location needs» .

Απόσυρση της υπόδησηματης Χαιρετάκη

Please also note that some time ago Μιχάλης Χαιρετάκης announced in writing that he would withdraw his candidacy from the ballot. ΣΥΡΙΖΑ-ΠΣ.

Ιπενθυμίσεις τοι στις 19.2, ο Paul Polakis was advancing In an “organized” post about the fact that the name of Μιχάλη Χαιρετάκη was not included in the votes of candidates for ΣΥΡΙΖΑ-ΠΣ of ΧανιάOn the same day, ΣΥΡΙΖΑ-ΠΣ announced 75% of the candidates for the next national election.

ΣΥΡΕΖΑ: Σε την της η της Π.Γ.-2

Statement of ΜιχάληΧαιρετάκη

Law, justice and equality after the tragedy in Tempe and the tragic death of many innocent young souls and the violent suppression of private declarations for civil justice in a democratic and developed country The flagrant violation of rights, the pleadings of God, the suffering and suffering of the Greek people, without proper justification, make the need for the government to leave all the more urgent.

This race doesn’t require micropolitics, egos, car seats or machinery.

Με τους τις τούσος και μη προερχόμενος από κομματικός της πληροφορικά τέκάια Από από την συχή της της και και της και και της και και προρέπεια τον της της οκολογίας και και της της σόκονητας.

I withdraw my candidacy with the unanimous approval of the Political Secretariat. This candidacy is to support true fighters and to facilitate those who think they would benefit from not running, to assist as much as they can in a great intercession with coolness and equanimity. is. ΣΥΡΙΖΑ wins.

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