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Common line of EE presidents. Ούρσουλα φον ντερ Lάιεν “Cut off Russian access to all inputs capable of supporting the war machine” in collaboration with the American President Tzo Μπάιντεν. [EPA/BONNIS CASH]

ΒΡΥΞΕΛΛΕΣ – ΑΝΤΑΠΟΚΡΙΣΗ. its effectiveness Sanctions against Russia And primarily those who would benefit from not participating in these are a source of concern here and now, if not a concern, in the European Union and its allies. After EE’s inspection of 10 DIADOHCIOUS GYRO’S and related export controls, exports of advanced semiconductors and other technology to Russia may have declined significantly, but at the same time, shipments from EE increased. . Corresponding exports to Russia in countries such as Turkey and Ηνομένα Αραβικά Εμιράτα.

То теме апасчолісе відлась текстования пууо о Американскош предъездень Τζο Μπάιντεν with the President of the European Commission Ούρσουλα φον ντερ Λάιεν Last Friday in the Kingdom of God. The reference to their common statement that both sides would continue a joint project to “close Russia’s access to all inputs that could support the war machine” was no coincidence.

Στο μικροσκοπιο της Ε.Ε. η Application of sanctions against Moscow 1

The truth is that from the first moment Turkey – and the rest of the world – had problems, both in Austria and Brussels, due to their lack of symbiosis with Western sanctions. pressure was exerted, which was eventually terminated, and most recently disrupted the distribution of products subject to sanctions against Russia, such as chemicals and semiconductors.

Ασιοματούχοι στις Βρυξέλλες, however, παραδέχονται πος πραδέχονται πόσης και και και και εἰπορεικά την περισσότερα περισσότερα της της της τῆς της της της της της της της της περισσότερα. トルコの統一電気通信システム – Ε.Ε による製品と商品の自由な移動. Even advanced technology that could end up in Russia and be used for military purposes against Ukraine facilitates this traffic.

Οιισιμοι aξιοματούχοι προστήσεις, και της η Ε.Ε. To prevent this eventuality, we systematically manage and monitor the progress of our products. Γεννάται εἰντε ευλόγως το προσείος, περισσότες τότε η Ε.ε. We need to strengthen the monitoring and collection of information about certain products and technologies.

For the full implementation of sanctions and primarily the avoidance of katastrātagisēsēs, η Ε.Ε. διορισεεπιτεταλμένοτονπαραγήςΙανουρίατονΝτέιβιντΟ ‘Σάλιβαν。καυχανπροηγηθειοなしいελανα、πουέχειωθέσειτο–σμοφυλοοφυλ配するκなましヨーロッパの情報筋によると、Ο’Σάλιβανは彼の2月中旬に彼のΗνομέναΑραβικάΕμιράταへの旅行を行いました。 However, the same source does not specify which country will be the station for future missions.

For the application of sanctions. This is not only due to Agiqira’s full compliance with regard to the suspension of the transport of goods to Russia, but also to political developments in Turkey and, in particular, the May 14 elections.

Ηδη, άλλωστε, 反政治化の候補者のキャンプから, Κεμάλ ΚιλιτσντάρογλουはブリュクセルズとΟάσιγκτον περι στροφής 180 ファゾム σε ό, τι το τόντηκό ραεικό ραεικό ραεικό ραεικό ραεικό ραεικό ραεικό ραεικό ραεικό ραεικό ραεικό ραεικ Κιλιτσντάρογλου の評議員からマスコミに最近It’s no coincidence that it was leaked. If he finally wins ΟντέέπΤαγίπΕρντογάν, it will run him again in Ε.Ε. in upcoming elections. Still, the possibility of traveling from Ο’ Σάλιβαν to Αγκυρα can wait…

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