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Στέιτ Ντιπάρτμεντ: «Πρασινο φως» για Ελλάδα could sell aggressive amphibious vehicles

or Στέιτ Ντιπάρτμεντ δαγία το «πράσινο φως» για μία πόληση σε απόστασης Αμφίβιων Ελλάδα vehicles.

£πεντOriginal Termsνοεκτίμησεποςμίμίαδιακρατικήσυμφαγιαααμφιβια building and related equipment, θλγογονααακινανιοεορορορο nanaya.

Potential sales are made through the program Ξένης Στρατιωτικός Πώλησης (FMS). The Defense Cooperation Agency has notified Congress of the potential sale and provided the necessary certifications.

In his speech, Sigma characterizes Greece as an important state playing a key role in the political stability and economic development of Europe.

Νωρίτερα, ο έντηριστης Εθνικής Άμυνας Νίκος Παναγιωτόπουλος, speaking to radio station ΣΚΑΪ and referring to the equipment program, revealed what Athens was expecting.Hundreds of these vehicles, purchased by Americans in exchange for going to the island, have wheels and are adapted to the terrain of the island».

Announcement of Στέιτ Ντιπάρτμεντ

“The Greek government has, inter alia, three personal attack vehicles (AAVP-7A1), nine vehicles for attack management (AAVC-7A1), four recovery attack vehicles (AAVR-7A1) andの3台の車両の購入を求めました。 (AAVR-7A1)。 Περιλαμπένης, also, εκτοξευτές χειρωβομβίδων MK-19, Συστήματα Θερμικής Παρατήρησης M36E T1 (TSS), support support (ανταλλακτικά), support equipment (συμ παραστήσεις κιτ/ εργαλείων/έντραμμένων κιτ (EAAK), technical data, technical data, (CETS), Ελληνικά Περισσότης Ολοκληρωμένης Γογιστικής Πορτήσεις (ILS)、απαρχαιωμένος コンポーネントの復元、Περισσότηση βαθμονόμησησστOS τOS ης (Πορττήσεις)。

The proposed sale will support U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives and contribute to improving the security of NATO allies, who are important partners in Europe’s political stability and economic development. The proposed sale will improve Greece’s ability to deal with current and future threats and provide effective protection of maritime interests and infrastructure to support Greece’s strategic position in the south.

Ηλλάδα contributes to ΝΑΤΟ operations and maritime operations to combat terrorism and piracy. The offer to sell and support this equipment does not change the basic military balance in the region. There is no κύριος αναδοχος associated with this potential sale.

As a result, there are no known antistatmissa agreements proposed with respect to this potential sale. There will be no negative impact on US defense readiness as a result of this proposed sale».

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