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Σούπερ Λιγκ 1 – Πλέι οφ: Τα πέντε επόρουπικά κάτες – what changes compared to πέρσι

The start of the Stoichiman Super League brought eight teams together at the heart of a seven-round championship without symbiosis. The landscape is perfectly clear. The top six teams in the overall standings (regular championship period and first round) remain in his ΣΛ1, while the final two go directly to ΑγουσαγιαΣΛ2. Danmaku. Groups belonging to the following categories, such as:

Στα πλέι οφ η στοματα είναι πολύ πιο σύνθετη και ο δρομος για τους ομίλους των των είναροποικών προιστήσει… ζαλίζει . 6 チームが 2 ラウンドで対戦する 10 の大会からなるこのミニ チャンピオンシップは、チャンピオンシップのタイトルと 5 つのDetermined by distribution of European entries. From a good partnership (which we will repeat for years to come), ΣΛ1 will send five teams to Europe this year instead of his usual four teams last year. Added bonuses are higher floors and fewer obstacles. On the way to τους ομίλους.

The main difference with Chrono is clear. Instead of one team, this year he will have two teams play in the Champions League qualifiers. However, until last year, no team directly participated in the qualifying stage of the Europa League under the current system, so this year is a good entry point for that. The remaining two of him will play in conference leagues, following the same route as before.

In addition to the current situation with more teams and more opportunities, the timing of when teams enter the game is also very important. Why ο χρόνος αυτός, θα προφήσει και το ποσες προκρίσεις θα χρειαστον για να παράτους ου ομίλους.


The teams that will win the championship will start in the third qualifying round of the Champions League, guaranteeing a place in the conference league in a best-case scenario. If he qualifies in the third qualifying round (8-9/8 and 15/8), he will stay in the Champions League (22-23/8 and 29-30/8). Enter the phase of the same organization with σπαθί. .

In the scenario of qualifying in the Champions League round and being eliminated there, it will be transferred directly to the Europa League competitor. If they are eliminated in the third qualifying round, they will qualify for the Europa League, and if they qualify, they will advance to the final round of the competition. If they are eliminated, they are passed to their conference league opponents. Ο πρωταθλητης θα χαίες, that is, σίγουρη European continuity even with two exclusions.


The second team will start one phase earlier from the second qualifying round of the Champions League (25-25/7 and 1-2/8) and the second team’s pass. The Champions League requires 3 qualifiers, the Europa League 2 and the Conference League 1 qualifier. Either way, if he qualifies in the third round, he’ll be on par with the champion, from another path and another pool of opponents, and apply what applies to him. conference league. If they are eliminated in the second round, they will be moved to the third round of the Europa League and will have to go through the final round to reach their opponents in the same competition. If they are eliminated in a round, they will play directly against their Conference League opponents, but if they are eliminated earlier (third round), they will play European continuation in the second half of the Conference League.

european league

Tickets for the 3 qualifying rounds of the Europa League are reserved for the holder of the trophy (if not a finalist in the case of ΣΛ1) or 3rd place in ΣΛ1 if the trophy wins one of the two top 2 places It has been. Qualify for the Championship and advance to Champions League Qualifiers. For example, if in the current standings he won ΠΑΟΚ in Κύπελλοοο 4th place, then in 5th place he would play in the Europa League qualifiers, not his 3rd place Olympiacos, who would go into the conference league alongside ΣΛ1. will be However, if ΚύπελλοκατακτήσειτοΚύπελλο is a team that finishes in 1η or 2η in the Championship, in the 3rd qualifying round of the Europa League (10/8 and 17/8), ΣΛ1’s will face 3ος. If you qualify there, you’ll at least qualify for conference league opponents (24/8 and 31/8) and get a seat. If they are eliminated in the 3rd qualifying round of the Europa League, they move on to the next stage of the Conference League. Ενολίγοις, με δύο προκρισης παιες στος ομίλους του Europa League και με μία, σ’ όποια φασία κι Αν την φαεα, σ’ του του ConferenceLeague.

Conference league two

For the two teams playing in the conference league qualifiers (5th and 3rd or 4th in ΣΛ1, depending on who gets Κύπελοο), things are much simpler and clearer. /8), no security. To reach the participant of the event, three rounds are required (ύ σ σ π πματ μα α α σα πα αέφ), εΔάωςωςωςως ωως ωω ωσ, ε π ύ, ἰα π ἰ, ἰα, ἰα, ἰα, ἰα, ἰα. There is a chance of

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