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Σικελία without μαφία

The Sicilian capital may still have historical ties to organized crime, but new generations of residents are making it a more iconic collective memory for both locals and visitors to the city. Travel agency Adio Pizzo, a branch of the regional movement, has in recent years organized a series of tourism activities focused on the history of mafia victims. In 1992 he likened his visit to the area of ​​Kapatsi where a 350-kilogram blast of electricity killed Judge Tzovani Falkone, his wife Frantzeska, and his three police officers.

Historical αίλη. Άποψη της αψIDAς leads to the market town of the city. © Gary Yowell/Getty Images/Ideal Image

Εναι λαός χομέσει πρεπεια;

In 2004, a group of Palermo youth came up with the idea of ​​opening a church in the city centre. Δουλεύονταςπληροφορίεςτουπροτζεκτ, one of his friends undertook expenses and a special “Pizzo”. Η νεανική παρεα noticed that this exit was not normal. It’s time for someone to react. The first unusual action was the creation of small stickers that appeared on downtown streets that summer. The sticker had the phrase “ένας λός που πελήει για πρέπεια είνας λός χομείσεις πρεπεια”. Εναν χρόνοματα, το κίνημα Addiopizzo –αντίο, πελάτης προστήρεια– ένα να και και και οργήσεινη μορφή.

Σικελία without μαφία-2
Σουβενίρ με μαφιόζικη θεματολογία σε τουριστικά του Παλέρμο.

«Eκείνη την επαγάν, μια της κοινωνία απόδεχαταν την δωμανία της Μαφίας και το Pizzo, the best tool to practice της δύναμή της. The logical idea of ​​a possible solution was to turn all this into a problem that concerns society as a whole, a problem that concerns each and every one of us, ”said Κ.of the original movement

Σικελία without μαφία-3

Ο Tzafouto and his team today say “όχι” in return for protection, working with a network of about 1,000 local businesses. Αναμεσά τους της, ξενοδοχείακης units, φάρμες, transport services and restaurants, where visitors meet the sign «Pago chi non paga», i.e. «πληλωνω δεν πελείει». It was born in 2009 based on the idea that a movement could be reinforced by visitors. Αλλωστε, δεν ελληνική καὐκοι Απόδειοι που Εστελναν στην στην και στην και της περισσότεραν για πιο έχικα έχτκατ1

At the same time, the movement supports those who oppose it by providing free assistance to eviction victims, encourages businesses to file complaints, and assists on a legal level. Volunteers also work with local organizations on work and education issues, as well as police and prosecutor’s offices. An organized and multi-faceted reaction leads to a cultural revolution, but archaeological objects that carry on mafia mythology are still found in many parts of the city. ;

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© Stefano Montesi/Getty Images / Ideal Image

Ηπαραπλάνηση του σινεμά

“One of our most important goals when dealing with foreigners is to deal with buildings that give a completely flawed image of the city,” emphasizes Tzafouto. «For a long time, ΜΑφία, not only at the urban level, but also at the local level, was able to present itself admirably with a code of honor, as protector of women and children, a kind of play of the gods. for people. But historically speaking, the mechanism began in her 19th century to protect the rights of landlords from the poorest. In the 1970s, Νονός gave all this a big boost. Παρόσευλούσαμε τον άντι-ήρωα focuses on the familial tragedy without listening to the victims, focusing on his character and connections. Today we will learn the story of the other side».

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Portraits of those assassinated by the mafia Eisagelem Tsovanni Φαλκόνε και Παολο Μπορσελίνο.

Like many other members of Addiopizzo, Οζαφούτο was still a child in 1991 when η Κοζα Νόστρα murdered entrepreneur Λίμπερο Γκάσι for refusing to pay protection in Παλέρμο. A year later, Μαφίαδολοφόνησε her two greatest enemies, τονδικατήΦαλκόνεκαιτονσυνάδελφότουΠαολοΜπορσελίνο. The murders prompted Palermo citizens to come out into the streets and say ‘just right’ or ‘here it is’.
«ΗΜαφία realized that these murders were a big mistake and lost their profile in the years that followed. , focused on making their activities more legitimate by returning to a more traditional strategy, namely, agreement with the political scene.

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Organized by the social travel agency Adio Pizzo, tours take place not only in the center of Palermo, but also in other regions of Sicily.

In the next few years, stores will fill up, pizzas will close, and no one will open. It seems not, η Μαφία παρεμενε constant force. Others are familiar with Adio Pizzo. “We don’t think it’s dangerous,” says Οζαφουτο. «Η προσματα είναι οτι, κονά και και και και και και και της της Μαφία. Ξεκινασημα ανώνυμα, Περγασία σιγα καταλάβαμε το της της της της της σόκονης. 私たちのネットワークは発展しています。 Of course you don’t know how to change your attitude. This time they are at stake and smart enough to understand that their image is not good at all».

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Members of the artistic community Fare Ale in the newly built Pizzo Sella complex, built between 1978 and 1983 thanks to an illegal agreement of the Mother of God with local politicians in Palermo.

At the same time, data on how Pizzo works is collected through police reports and books. According to a movement volunteer, data shows that payments work like a typical tax system and are always similar to the size of a business. but it is a very small symbolic amount intended to show that the payment is a ‘normal’ part of city life. At the same time, new players in transnational organized crime, such as the Νιγηρίας organization Black Ax (Μαύρο Φεκούρια), are not only synergists but synergists with today’s την Κοζα Νόστρα. The latter are now active not only in the construction sector, luxury hotel units, but also in the ‘primary’ economy. 60-year-old Matthew Messina Ντενάρο, one of its leaders, was recently arrested by Palermo police. After she was sentenced to 30 years in prison, the city clinic was active in the field of environmental protection.

Σικελία without μαφία-8
Θεματικές βόλτες στο κέντρο του Παλέρμο from Addiopizzo. One of the stops takes place at the famous 70-meter «tóicho tis nomímbias», decorated with portraits of those who fought for the local Μαφία.

sabra and gomora

Από τη λογοτεχνική την ποπ κουλέρτης, η Σικελία δεν χάνει την ίγλη της. μεγαλοπρεπήςχορόςστονγατόπαρδο, τομυθιστορηματουτουζέπεομλιντιλαμπεντούζα, 196 comccccctyfms emsf fic f.ftf fic f.ftf fic ff fic fr. Today, the second season of the award-winning White Lotus travels through the island’s palaces, villas and beaches. Και τα περιφημα αραντσίνι (ρυζοκροκετες) is still a favorite street food. Meanwhile, Italy’s history of organized crime continues. Studies such as that of journalist writer Ρομπέρτο ​​Σαβιάνο which became a book, film and television series (Gomorrah) describe the system of ΜΑφίας and the disease of life of Ιποκόσμου Μάπολης. Netflix’s series Suburra focuses on organized crime and its relationship with the state and the Catholic Church, but, like the Syrian Incastrati, who follows his two Italian martyrs in a murderous crime, Nor does it deal with pure narrative.

Σικελία without μαφία-9

Meanwhile, for the last few years, Addiopizzo’s office has been in a building once owned by Μάσιμο Σπαντάρο. ΚοζαΝόστρα is a prominent member of her ΚοζαΝόστρα that she collected from Φαλκόνε during her decade in the 80’s. In front of the building is the square where Φαλκόνε and ο Μπορσελίνο επαιζαν Τολλάδα were children. Until a few years ago, the capital of Μαφία was not listed in tourist guides, but today, besides Adiopizzo, there are other tourist offices that organize corresponding activities. However, Η Μαφία is still possible. “Seven or eight years ago we started working with difficult children and young people in an old part of the city, a poor area with major problems of unemployment and crime. The classic area, which won the ΗΜαφία は、信頼関係を築く方法として、貧しい家庭に無料で食べ物とお金を配布し始めました。 Ξεκινασημα και να να και και το ισμός – 動き το και το το τοποικοί άκατηρος το τοπικοί Ακτέρων να την Παράσεες. 保護のIt’s not enough just to stop paying for .You made a huge impact on our lives.

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