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Σερβία – Κόσοβο: Συνάντηση Βούτσιτς-Κουρτι στην Οχρίδα

Ο πριστήμεριος του Κοσόβου Αλμπιν Κουρτι (AP Photo)

meeting in the city of Athens north macedonia அக்கியுயுயாயு மாட்ட்டை Σερβίας Αλεξάνταρ Βούτσιτς and his prime minister Κοσόβου Αλμπιν Κουρτιto determine Roadmap for the implementation of the EU proposal for the normalization of Pristina-Belgrad relationsThe conference will be held under the auspices of the EU and will be attended by the President of the EU, Ζοζέπ Μπορέλ, in charge of foreign policy and security affairs.

Σερβία – Κόσοβο: Συνάντηση Βούτσιτς-Κουρτι στην Οχρίδα-1

Today’s meeting in Athens will focus on finalizing the annex on the implementation of the EU’s proposal on a path towards normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

The European proposal was formally presented by the EU on 27 February in Brussels. This proposal was accepted by both sides.

According to the proposal, η Serbia and that Косово They develop normal relationships with each other in good rights-based relationships.

Both parties recognize each other’s government symbols and documents, including passports, diplomas, vehicle registration plates, and telòneiáček šražpđøn.

As enshrined in the proposal, both countries are guided by the objectives and principles set forth in the Charter of the United Nations, particularly those relating to national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Also, on the basis of the proposal, Serbia does not oppose the inclusion of Kosovo in international organizations.

Αλεξάνταρ Βούτσιτς pointed out that the terms of implementation of the EU proposal were the subject of the establishment of the Serbian Municipal Union in Κοσοβο (northern part of Κοσόβου where Σέρβους resides mainly) agreed in 2013, but Πρίστινα rejected Implement. Not only the British Empire but also Great Britain has expressed the same opinion.

Κοσόβου’s prime minister, Αλμπιν Κουρτι, opposes the establishment of the Servant Cities confederation, arguing that the σerbikos δήμους agreement is contrary to the Κοσόβου syntagma.

In any case, Αλμπιν Κουρτι is an expert who was suspended from the EU for dialogue between οο Pristina and Βελιγραδίου declared to have been presented. Kosovo.

The conference is expected to end in the late afternoon, after which Βοζέπ Μπορέλ will issue a statement to the press.


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