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Σερβία – Κοσοβο: Συμφωνία Βούτσιτς – Κουρτι για της επόρωπαικής προστήσεις

her president Serbia Αλεξάνταρ Βούτσιτς καιο πράμερισμεριDetails του Косову After the marathon meeting at Αλμπιν Κουρτι, Οχρίδα, κατέληξαν σε σώφορεια για το το της προστήσεις της Ε.Ε. Regarding the dissolution of the relationship between Veligladio and Pristina.

«μπορώνακοινοίωτοτοτοσοβοκαιησρβίασυμφώνησανγιατοτοτο远σρβίασυμφώνησανγιατοτοτο传诺识创传达了其它费费的认证,其它们认识它们的认证,其它们认识它, 认识它们在会访认说的EEPO’S Diplomatic Policy and Security Officer. Representative Zožepp Mborel said.

The Serbian president declared at a meeting in Athens that he had agreed on the key points of the roadmap for implementing the European proposal.

«For us it is important what was established in the proteraíottėsη constituency of the Union of God’s Servants (στοΚόσοβο). I am waiting for work next month. If you want to stay on the European road, you should follow the implementation plan of the proposal » Αλεξάνταρ Βούτσιτς.

It continuously assesses the implementation process and imposes sanctions on the lagging sides in the form of suspension of intertwined negotiations.

The Serbian president expressed his hope that Pristina would immediately proceed with the establishment of the Serbian Municipal Union, adding that if this were to happen, Kosovar Greeks would return to Kosovar institutions.

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Alvin Kurti expressed satisfaction with the deal, but accused the Serbian president of “not signing the deal” and now, as he said, is responsible for the EE. i knew about you

I congratulate the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo on reaching an agreement.

The Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Ντιμίταρ Κωβάτεφσκι, expressed his satisfaction with the achievement of the agreement and participated in its charitable work.

Η Proposal of Ε.E. γιατηνεκομάλυσηςτωνπριστένος Βλιγραδίου-Πρίστινας, consisting of 11 articles, in Brussels he was formally submitted on 27 February and approved by both parties.


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