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Ρεκόρ ξενων περισσότερα στα ακίνητα το 2022

Biggest new investment in history Greek real estate market και δη καταγράφηκε το 2022. 1.975 trillion in the previous year, according to Bank of Greece (ΤτE) factors. Euros in the Greek real estate market from abroad. This amount is 68% higher than in 2021, when the corresponding figure did not exceed 1.17 billion. EUR. At the same time, 2022’s performance is 37% above the previous record set in 2019, when investment volume reached 1.45 billion. EUR.

The ‘historic’ result for 2022 was due to a very dynamic fourth quarter, which also set a record on a quarterly basis. A total of $700 million was invested. EUR (698,5 ekad. EUR), an increase of 84,3% compared to the corresponding period of 379 ekad. The euro in the domestic market. The next highest επίδοση τριμήνου της καταγραφίες το was 488,5 εκτ just before τημορή (γ΄ τηρομή 2022). EUR.

308.5 million 2016

To understand the diversification of buyers in the real estate market and the exponential increase in the influence of foreign buyers, it is enough to look at what happened up to 2016. The largest annual return to date was 308.5 million. The investment in the Euro ξένων recorded in 2007 was at a time when the housing market was declining, as was global liquidity. For example, 2004 was the year of the Olympics, when Greece took the lead on the international stage, but foreign investment in the real estate market did not exceed her 80.6 million. EUR.

This development is due to a series of reasons. First, the reopening of the international and Greek economies after the pandemic has shown a full recovery of foreign capital, which was particularly noticeable in the second half of 2022. a billion. Euros as in the whole of 2021.

A decisive role in this development has been played not only by the changes announced last September in the “Golden Visa” program of residence permits, but also by the more recent measures to limit the pandemic in China. The easing will see Chinese investors return to Greece for the first time since 2020. Therefore, in December 2022, 1,216 requests for initial approval were submitted, compared with 337 requests filed in September, according to elements of the Ministry of State Affairs. A total of 4,363 applications were submitted in 2022 (επενδυτώνσυνΠερισόμενοςφολεις), a 117% increase from 2,005 in 2021. At the same time, a total of 2,258 new άδειες were issued. This corresponds to a minimum investment of 564 εκτ. EUR.

The “μαγνήτης” region remains the center of Athens, the southern suburbs, Πειραιάς, and a popular tourist destination.

Βραχυχρονιες μισθώσεις

Another important reason for attracting foreign investors is the popularity of short-term leases and low sales prices compared to other large European cities. The fact that there are now ways to misuse purchased properties is a very serious problem that did not exist in the past when long-term rentals for Greeks were monoads. A recovery in short-term leases after the pandemic has also restored investor confidence.

This precise trend determines the areas in which foreign investors prefer to be placed. The center of Athens, the southern boroughs, Πειραιάς and the popular tourist boroughs make up the main areas where people are looking for tourists. On the contrary, very few purchases were made in Attica’s northern outskirts, remaining a “ban” for domestic buyers.

The Bank of Greece said in its recent annual report that it will continue this trend, predicting that the Greek property market’s reliance on foreign demand will increase in the coming months. This is not only because the willingness to buy from abroad will remain high, but also because demand from Greeks with limited purchasing power will decline. High interest rates, inflation and rising costs of living have reduced household incomes and housing market prices are still erratic, making the housing market even more challenging.


Overall, as ΤτE pointed out, “Expectations for the Greek property market are now ahead of expectations, even if they remain positive in the higher part of their forecasts. It is estimated that the compression of earnings expectations from , coupled with rising interest rates and uncertainty, will gradually lead some investors to a wait-and-see attitude again».

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