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Πόλεμος στην Украина: Μετα τα τανκς, η ηρα των μαχετικό;

for her Ukraine. politicians to politiciansunderline Now that Κίεβο has turned its attention to the next step, it is the dispatch of fighters from the Western allies.

In fact, as he mentions, discussions in this direction have already begun behind the scenes, with Ukraine also being supported by some Baltic states.

“The next stage is normal, the stage is Fighters,” he says, describing the characteristics of a diplomat from a Scandinavian country. But Politico estimates that aircraft competition can be an even more complex issue than warships. In Europe, some rulers and diplomats, their governments παρότι δεν δεν εκτων εκτων και και και κατάσεις, εκτάστου πάντα το ρίσκο μια κλιμάκοσηση στατην είναι πρστέρω.

Indeed, as highlighted in the publication, The United States has told the Kingdom that any discussion of sending fighter jets is “not on the agenda” at this stage.Υπάρχει και παράθυρο «παράθυρο»: «Υπάρχει μια κόκκινη παράσεις Αγου. Same thing happened to me.

In the same direction, another European European diplomat emphasizes the speed with which the equipment is equipped. “Discussions about armed groups are not in the news right now, but they could start in the next couple of weeks.”

Next month, defense ministers from countries sympathetic to Ukraine will hold another meeting at US military bases in northwestern Germany, where the topic of aviation and air support is expected to dominate.

Ο Ολλάνδός Μινστερικό Εκτήσεινών Βόπκε Χούκστρα στο Ολλανδικό κοινομές την περασμένη την την περασμένη και της Μολλανδός συμπορίσεις της χρόμαση της της για της της την την περισσότερων F-16 σε σε σελάτης του Κιέβου. «Είμάστε μυαλοι, δεν χρόστες ταμπου», 彼は言った.

Last month, Σλοβάκος ομόλογός, Ράστισλαβ Κάτσερ told Ukrainian agency Interfax-Ukraine that Τρατισλάβα declared that it was “ready” to hand over Soviet-era MIG-29 aircraft to Kyiv, threatening NATO allies and the Ukrainian president. said he was talking to ΒολοντίμιρΖελένσκικαικαιτουθαφημαιαυτό.

Αλλοι υσχαστοι πολιτικοι είναι περισσότερμητικοι. Ο Γερμανός καγκελάριος Olaφ Σολτς canceled a military aircraft delivery on Wednesday. “There are no deliveries of military aircraft to Ukraine,” he said. “This was revealed very early on by the President of the United States,” he added.

Some experts therefore speculate that February’s discussions in Rome will focus on implementing secondary strategies related to the urgent need for military aircraft at some point in the future. increase. short term.

Ukraine’s European allies, which expect the conflict to last three to five years or longer, fear the West is nearing the limits of what it can do in Kyiv.

Πόλεμος στην Украина: Μετα τα τανκς, η ηρα των μαχετικό;-1
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Earlier in 2022, there was an “implicit policy” among Western allies not to promote Ukraine with a comprehensive arms package for fear of a similar reaction from Russia, said a third European government official. said the diplomat.

Ukraine should gradually provide assistance to Ukraine, while at the same time considering Russia’s response to each step. “All Western countries believe that if they provide Ukraine with all the weapons we demanded in the first phase of the war, there will be a strong response from Russia, perhaps even nuclear weapons. , someone can tell everything [ο Πούτιν] συνήθιζεσιγα-σιγα», εισεοδιπλωμάτης.

Indeed, military support has been slow, but has improved over time, from portable anti-aircraft systems such as the anti-tank Javelin and Stinger, to HIMARS and Patriots, to tanks and vehicles. Therefore, aircraft delivery is simply a subject of time.

British Prime Minister Tzeims Kleverli last week met with senior US officials in the United States to discuss further military aid to Ukraine beyond taxes.

Σ μεπεα υ λ ήή ς ς, ο έέ ή αή ή π π π π π κ η η μ μ μ μ μ μ μα μα όακαώ He said.

Of course, according to Britannia, Britain, as an island nation, is more determined to send aircraft to Ukraine in connection with tanks and hand-held military equipment. There is also concern that support will decline. European diplomats agree that the West first wants to exhaust all other options for air support, including drones and possibly long-range missiles.

Πόλεμος στην Украина: Μετα τα τανκς, η ηρα των μαχετικό;-2

Η Ουάσιγκτον also recently sent a flight of Zuni fighters – της επισκεπτών του Psychróu Πολέμου – capable of taking Ukrainian forces out of the MiG aircraft it has. But the same diplomat was also mentioned in a recent US decision to open up discussions on aviation.

In July, the U.S. House of Representatives approved $100 million to train Ukrainian pilots to fly in U.S. fighter jets. In October, Ukraine announced that 10 of its pilots had been selected for training on military aircraft. In August, the Defense Minister said, “There is no evidence that aircraft could form part of the mix of weapons supplied to Ukraine in the course of the war.”

Ο Γιουρι Σακ, συσόλενος του Οκρανού νισμορου Άμυνας Ολεξίι Ρεζνίκοφ, noted that the priority of Κιέβου, after τα τανκς, is η συγραφία αερόσκαφών και το οι “δικαιολογίες” of the allies can be overcome. 彼は、西側諸国が今や慎重に軍事He declared with confidence that he was convinced of the need to strengthen cooperation. He added that the Ukrainian Air Force wants American F-16 and F-15 aircraft, but is open to other proposals.

Most of the F-15s and F-16s belonging to the United States are deployed in other regions, including India and Greece. «Υπάρχουν Nearly 50 countries using F-15 at this moment», I also do not believe the moment that Ukraine does not deserve μαχητικά aérosκαφη ο Σακ.

«Εφιάλτης» ταLogistics

But sending the aircraft would be a serious logistical undertaking for the Ukrainian allies.

The F-15 and F-16 need high-quality equipment that Ukraine lacks. Experts say it will be easy for Russia to identify and perfect an attempt to build a business platform.

An American F-18 fighter or a Swedish Gripen would be more suitable, said Οζάστιν Βρονκ, a senior aerodynamics researcher at British think tank RUSI. But that’s what it lacks.

Swedish Defense Minister Paul Ionsson told Politico on Wednesday that Sweden has “no immediate plans to send Gripens to Ukraine.”

Πόλεμος στην Украина: Μετα τα τανκς, η ηρα των μαχετικό;-3

Other fighter jets, such as the French-made Rafale, may need a significant number of shelters in Ukraine to repair the aircraft and prepare it for flight. These people are automatically targeted by Russian attacks.

ερωτηθείςεἰμπςσεηδωρεπaéroσκαφώνθασυνιστόσεκλιμλλοςκυβερνητικ says αξιοaascaxε−°ε− fromacεpr who received the mami.

«Λέμε πός ό,τι συπάουμες να είναι για αμύντικούς Purpose – but when the equipment is delivered, it goes into the hands of Укранκοώн» ο Αξιοματουχος said. σεπανουμε».

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