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Πτυχία καλλιτεχνών: Έμπρακτες είδης ή παραίτηση διδασκόντων

Από τη χθεσινή και τύπου των διδασκόντων της Δραματικής Σχολις του Εθνικό Θεάτρου.

Τος πρόθεσή να παραιτητην, ενει δεν δεν έμπρακτες είδης” το το προεδρικό διάταγμα 85/2022, as they sayτα artist degreeοδεύει προς της της της National Theater SchoolThe deadline for satisfaction has been set for February 8th, as previously mentioned.

ηδηώκαγγελλ algae, research director of Δραματικήςσχιλούτουεθer says τρου(ητηςτεληπόληςκατα CHA-myosphere². A solution will be found, as the request concerns “all the artistic and spiritual worlds” .

Εκπροσωποντάς τον Σύλλογο Διδασκόντων της Δραματικής SCHOOL, ο ΝίκοςΧατζόπουλος He said Σύλλογος knows that solving the problem of dramatic research improvement can take time. , added that “they will start the process”. apart from) requests for hearings from the Prime Minister and ministers concerned. , support of private drama schools that have already submitted his ΣE application for the cancellation of Π.Δ. Department.

Σε “Κ” question If the teacher has the support of the artistic director, η κ. Καγγελάρηθύμισεοτιτοτοτοτοτοἐποιμέτικοςσυμποιος and οο Artistic Director τουΕθνικούΘεάτρου expressed strong concern for her Π.Δ. Added «Από Αγου και περα», ο κ. χατζόπουλος, «οσυλλογοςτωνκαθηγητό fun καιμιαυτο directed towards

Μιλοντας στην «Κ», ο ΙΙΑννης Πήγας, Δραματικής Σχολία του Κρατικό Θεάτρου Βορείου Ελλάδας (also under review), the Director of Research, has declared that faculty will decide their position within the next few days. «My personal opinion», οκ he said: Ρήγας, «είναιτοιτοΠ.Δ. I will ask for the opinion of those who are ».

The first meeting took place shortly after the annual press conference of the teachers of the drama school of the National Theater Nicola JatromanorakiAccording to κ. The meeting was held in a good atmosphere as the teachers recognized that the Ministry of Political Affairs has a specific role to play in this whole issue. Ο υφυπουργός expressed their intention to further discuss with teachers and transfer to relevant ministers once their requests have been cleared.

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