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Πανεπιστήμια: Θολό πασεία because 94 «αναδελφων» τμημάτων

A total of 94 divisions – 88 πανεπιστημιακή και 6 ΤΕΙ – result in «αναδελφα», which cannot be read. Student απο μετεγγραφή Even if the student cannot obtain a copy of the text from the center of ΑΕΙ. Therefore, multiple speed and value sections are created. The discrepancy between 94 departments and other related departments in our country’s university map affects not only the status of students of 94 departments, but also students of similar departments, because graduates do not have the same rights As he pointed out, Μιλοντας στην «Κ», ο Αγγελος Συρίγοςresponsible for education, a new department operated in 2019, will complete its first four years of life in 2023 and will be evaluated by National Education Authority (ΕΘΑΑΕ)It is not excluded that some sections are closed for four years.Developments related to departments, admission guidance, and study programs ΑΕΙ be the deciding factor in this year’s candidate selection Πανελλδικών Εξετασείον.

νAccording to section 66(2). 4610/2019 “Respectively, the application of these two current sections will be recognized if the study program has been successfully completed and the corresponding knowledge, skills and competencies have been obtained for the performance of the corresponding activities “. Only Ανώτατη School of Education and Technology (ΑΣΠΑΙΤΕ) had her six departments παρεμείνεΤΕΙ and was not absorbed by any university.

Examples of corresponding departments are Trikala, Kalamata, Thessaloniki, and the New Nutrition Science Department of Sigma. Among them, they can be recorded (π.χ. from his Τρικαλα in Καλαμάτα), but their students cannot take readings in the Department of Food and Nutrition Sciences in Athens. Also, Λήμνο’s Department of Food and Nutrition is incompatible with anyone else, so we won’t give anyone a middle ΑΕΙ or take a transcript from someone else.

Πανεπιστήμια: Θολό περασία because 94 «αναδελφων» τμημάτων-2

The case of the School of Public Administration, Science and Technology of the Athens University of Economics is an example. Departments offer a privileged position in that they do not correspond with others, but rather cannot accept students by transcription. Therefore, the Κοζάνη, Πάτρα, Αγιο Νικόλαο Κρήτης, Καβάλα, and Τρίπολη administrative and scientific departments correspond to each other (not all sections of Αρα δέχονται μεεγγραφές και αντιστροφα).

According to κ. Συρίγο, τα διέσεις να κατήσεις κατ’ την της της την καθηγητης για να τεωρητην αυτοτεεήήήή. Το Ανώτατο Περισσότερα της ΕΘΑΑΕ για της την στοίχιση των νωμάτης is defined as “for coordination or interaction with other divisions”. It is deemed necessary to operate them for at least four or five years so that safe conclusions can be drawn.” This will postpone a final decision for this year and 2024, depending on when each division begins operations and its research. According to teacher-analyst Στράτο Στρατηγάκη, at the completion of the four-year period, some of the 94 departments could be found without sufficient numbers of students for minimal enrollment, which contribute to the completion of their life cycle.

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