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Πακιστάν: Εφοδος της πολιστής στο του του Former Premier, Ιμρα Χαν

police Πακιστάν he visited the residence of the opposition leader today Ιμρα Χαν When the former prime minister was summoned to court, he was arrested for a week.

Τουλαχιστον 65 supporters συνελημενοσαν και η πολιτήσει κατέσχεσε Αρμάνη με την εισβολή δυνάμεών της στο του του στη Λαχόρη.

After being ordered to do so, police raided his residence, where he was arrested. His supporters have been gathering outside his home for several days.

As declared by Πουντζάμπ’s Minister of Information, Αμίρ Μιρ, police made arrests made in the local Antitromocratic Court.

Ο Χαν δεν δεν στην του δενείδα του καὶ και Ελληνικά της Ελληνικά και ελληνική καρ’οδον ποτς της χοραμάπαμσλ.

Πακιστανοί aξιοματούχοι απέκλεισαν Ισλαμαμπάντ και Ανεπτυξξαν και περισσότεριος ενόει της ακροαματική περισσς section.

Residents living near the capital’s court building were invited to come out of their homes, but Before entering the city பிர்கைக்குத்துக்குத்தைகியுக்குட்டுக்குட்டிப்ப்பாட்டிப்ப்பு

Considering the achromatic process, Islamabad Police Chief Akmur Nasir said, “Strong security has been ensured so that there is no threat to his life.”

Ο Χαν, ο Υο το το χαν το το προστέρων από την προσμέρισμειρία με μομφής, ប្រ្រ្រ្រ្ន្ន្រ Among those who have stolen goods from third countries.

Last month, a court in Islamabad fined him after staying home for weeks.

His supporters, who were among the dead, attacked police with stone and stone when they tried to arrest the former prime minister earlier in the week, injuring more than 100 officers.

Πηγή: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ-dpa-Reuters

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