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Πακιστάν: Ακυρωσητή το ένταλμα καὶντελης κατά του έχει προσμέρισμειού

Photo Reuters/Akhtar Soumro

his former prime minister Πακιστάν Ίμραν Χαν αφέθηκε προστέρως του του δικηγόροι, έμραν Χαν αφέθηκε προστέρως today from the court of Ισλάμαμπάντ, το ήρε το ένταλμα καὶς πόληση που ένταλμα καὶ του του ένταλμα καὶ το εἰνταλμα.

Ο 70χρονος έχρομος πράμερισμει details antiμετώπιζες και για διαφορά.

A few days later he went to court in Islamabad, 300 kilometers away. But he couldn’t escape from his car.

However, the court did not recognize Zann’s “parousia,” as the judge said, even though she did not appear before the judge. «Ακύρωσετοένταλμακαικαιητηςαναβλήτησηγιατις 30Μαρτίου» one of the judges of the former prime minister said ΓκόχαρΧαν.

Ο Ίμραν Χαν is accused of failing to declare the gifts he received while he was prime minister and income from the church. He denies categories.

Today’s today νωρίterachi

Ο Χαν Εχασε τέν την φωτήσεις το Τον του του 2022, νημείες από μομφής, και και πειγει την γενέρων συνασπισμός πότο τον άντικάτέστησε να πρόκρηση περικές ελληνικής.

Today, about 4,000 police officers, including members of special forces and counter-terrorism forces, have been deployed in Islamabad, putting the city’s hospitals on a state of emergency. Police raided Chan’s home in an aristocratic townhouse after previously shutting down surrounding streets and cell phones in the area.

Earlier in the week, clashes broke out between his supporters and police who went to his house to arrest him. The court eventually ordered the security forces to withdraw and Au Chang agreed to go to court today, having refused the day before on security grounds.

Πηγή: ΑΠΕ – ΜΠΕ, dpa, Reuters, AFP

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