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Μητσοτάκης: The best justice for victims of crime is to prevent it from happening again

‘Despite the difficulties, we will move forward together to change Greece’, says Prime Minister Κυριάκος Μητσοτάκης σε προστέρεια στο Μαρούσι.

«Ξέρω το το κλιμα στην ελληνικά κοινωνία της Last week was very heavy. And we all know that we are close to each other. we are close to each other. And, dear friends, I know very well that the best justice for the sacrifice of these children is to ensure that what happened in the temple never happens again in our country.“,Please refer to the following.

«Let’s fix everything wrong with Greece’s past»

Και συνέχισε: «That is the mission we must fulfill. To rectify all the evils of a Greece that originated in the past, a Greece that hurts us, a Greece that does not express itself, a Greece that is unworthy of the new generation».

〇κ. Μητσοτάκης added that since 2019 he has a strong mandate from Greece and changing it hurts us.

«Today I walk this path with more force and more self-control. why do i have to prove it? new republic The real power of change and change in this place. And as the national election approaches, it will be an opportunity to make a general apology and remember where Greece was in 2019 and where Greece is today,” he said.

The prime minister said, among other things, that the state’s addiction was real and that he was not going to back down. (Photo. INTIMATE)

〇κ. Μητσοτάκης said he received the second fastest growing country in Europe in 2019 and now the European Union.

He also said the unemployment rate was 17% in 2019 and is now at 11% and is declining.

«Να θυμισμένες και παραλάβαμε μία κοινωνία υπεφορολογημένη, μία μεσαία τος τσακισμένη και και και και κατι κ η΂να κ η΂να

На тымиздуме стои новече каи стой новые, стои выположениу ту привестоку сектор, отти очень έχαμεν στα πράγωση ο κατώτατος συμφός ελληνική 650 ευρος και είναι είναι 780 ευρος, συμπλήρωσε.

And he added: And we know that many of our fellow citizens find it difficult, and that wages in our country are still low. I know what I have to do to improve and get a better income for every Greek woman and every Greek».

The Prime Minister also said that the state’s epicronism is real and that he would not endorse it.

«How was your contact with your Δημόσιο before implementing Now I can get a loan in 2 months. And, of course, in 2019 Greece was a country whose opinion in Europe was not taken into account, but today Greece is a proud country in Europe. Rafale arrived in Athens yesterday. It’s a country with borders, a country that knows where it’s coming from, and it needs to go there,” he said.

‘Government’s job is not done’

Κυριάκος Μητσοτάκης said the government’s work is not done and how it is battling the ailment from yesterday, saying, “I am ready to fight to really lead the country on the path of progressive reform and true patriotism. ” he said.

〇κ. Μητσοτάκης pointed out that what has been achieved could very easily be undone if the Greek people take decisions in the upcoming elections that do not lead to a stable government.

«We approach this church process with compassion and self-awareness, recognizing our mistakes. . Αλάθητος A person who does nothing. And we’ve been through a lot. We humbly admit our mistakes. Θα Αναλάβουμε τις συνήνες που μασα Αναλογουν με θάρρος. We look into the eyes of our citizens and present a better and stronger vision of Greece. Ενα οραμα στο και και ένα έλληνίδα και ο και έλληνας – especially the new generation – να παράν να τους σευτεός τους πρωταγονίτες. And we will continue to talk about the future of this country that we envision. And this fight is for the future of the country,” he said.

“We have achieved a lot and we can achieve a lot more,” the Prime Minister said, adding, “We will learn from our mistakes and move forward, but there is only one way.”

Είπε επ’ αυτού ότι τον δρόμο της προκοπής για την πατρίδα, τον δρόμο της ισχυρής και ασφαλούς Ελλάδος, τον δρόμο μιας Ελλάδος η οποία θα αποκτήσει επιτέλους σε όλες της τις εκφάνσεις ένα κράτος το οποίο θα προστατεύει τους πολίτες, μόνο η Νέα Δημοκρατία, μπορεί Guarantee

«Eilikrínish autocriticiki, but not the understanding of our work»

“Especially today, when the climate in society is still tough, I want to tell you that as it should be, your presence, your smile and your enthusiasm give me even more strength to continue this fight. When the people of Greece make their choices calmly and face their elections with confidence and good judgment, I hope that our great nation, the New Republic, will continue the difficult work we have begun. I will definitely trust you again», he added.

Finally, he called on all to come with the respect and self-reliance needed into this pre-election period, which in fact has already begun.

«Να και την ειλικρινη μαστοκριτική, しかし、δεν θα μηδενισμός το προστέρων προσκεία το χομείας περισσότερα τα τερά γρανία. Και σάς γαναγώμαι παραστικές οτι οτή ο το το το χώκίνησα το 2019, να αλλάσσουμε έυσα τη χώρα και να να το αλλάσσουμε δραστικές, τα το 2019, 2019. Together let’s change Greece and make it the land we all dream of. Get well. He said.


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