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Μητσοτάκης για Τέμπη: Πορεσιμό μου στοίχημα να μέν περασίσυμβεί ποτε κατή της της

“I will never forget what happened to me.” Темпη καικαιπερισότερακαικαικαιπερισσότεραοπερισμέρισμειDetails Κυριάκος Μητσοτάκης Facebook said, “We have taken responsibility for the government for the traffic accident.This cannot change the past, but it can change the future. I will never go back.

Characterizing the world’s absolutely logical response, the Prime Minister said, “I listen and I sympathize with the demands of society. We are swept away by what is holding back Greece, change more quickly and we I have a duty to turn these feelings into creative actions. Και αυτό συμπαγέω να καόμενο».

Επισημαίνει, δε, τοτι προτίστως «έχουμε την ολληγια να στηρίξουμες του συγγενείς των θυμάτων και τους τουραμίες του του τραγικού ρωμένος διστυχήματος το Τεμπών σον Γολγοθά που Ανεβαυνέν. 私たちは、心理的なサポートを継続しながら、一連の経済的およびその他have already announced measures for ».

The entire post of prime minister:

«Επανέρχομαι σήμερα στην Κυριακάτικη συνάντησή μας, όμως θέλω να ξεκινήσω λέγοντας, με το χέρι στην καρδιά, ότι δεν θα ξεχάσω ποτέ τι συνέβη στα Τέμπη και γιατί συνέβη.

We did not accept government responsibility for traffic accidents. It cannot change the past, but it can change the future. Sorry for being personal, but I don’t want to find a solution.

I recently saw the world’s perfectly logical reaction to the unjust deaths of 57 people. ακούωκαισυμερίζομαι absolute τοομόθυμο Social request: νασαροφήειεπιτελους seat, τικαργαειτη direction ελ first παρλλλλλalgae atλλλλλλλλalgae atλλλλ.

I have a duty to turn these feelings into creative actions. And that’s what I’m trying to do.

First and foremost, we have a duty to help victims and victims of traffic accidents. We have already announced a series of economic measures, but we continue to provide emotional support.

Αποδίδω μεγάλια την στην πισχολική Κάντηση όσων επεβαιναν στο φαδαίο τρεννο και των ικογενειή τους. 書記長 Giorgos Staμάτης は、犠牲者のすべての家族に連絡して、国との唯一の連絡先として作成した緊急電話番号 (Tηλ: 210 5281131 – 210 5281251). Paperwork is limited for those who qualify for minimal benefits. At the same time, a large-scale disaster management specialist and a mental health professional via the 10306 line are at her disposal 24 hours a day to assist as needed, either through face-to-face consultations, video calls, or telephone calls. . And they do it as long as they want. Two contacts have been made to him today with his 45 families who lost, injured, and his 222 families who were affected. We will continue to communicate with you.

In parallel with Sintry’s administration, it was necessary to follow government projects. Τοπροτότημαπουδεννακλέσειελληνικήηαναπροσαρμογήτουκατώτατουμισθού, thus proceeding to his third straight increase of 9.4% this week. From April 1st, κατώτατοςμισθός will reach €780, up from €650 where -θυμίζω- was in his 2019. That means almost 3 additional salaries have been added to the income of about 600,000 workers each year since then. This increase will sympathize not only with unemployment benefits, but all benefits related to unemployment benefits.

I know this increase alone is not enough to solve the problem. Because interest rates are still low in our country and income is currently being driven by inflows. It is especially difficult for young and young people to pass. We tackled the limits of the economy so that companies could afford salary increases. Greece continues to make headway and is increasingly in line with the European median income (currently 10th out of 22 European countries). This man’s salary is now higher than pre-crisis levels, confirming that our country is changing at a steady pace and moving away from the cheap labor cost economy category that doesn’t give young people a future. Digital employee cards and an independent agency for labor inspection simultaneously protect employees and limit their declared work.

Advance payments were also made this week to 37,500 beneficiaries who had completed 15 years of supplemental insurance but were not issued supplemental pensions until December 31, 2022. Supplementary pension euros λόσοςνακαιχηρείαςκαιχηρείας However, it is worth noting that in his first two months from January to his February he had 43,000 emergency medical policies issued, almost half of which were discharged.

Μενω στο θεμα των συντάξιούχους, as προχθές καταθέσαμε στη Βουλή νομοσχέδιο για να ρυθμισμένος και το τημα που Ανεκυψε για και 1.100.000 συντάξιούχους που λόσο περισσότελας δεφαρφιας, either not seeing any increase at all, or seeing a small increase. Έως τις τις 31 Μαρτίου παράτης, θα παράτης εφάπαξ Economic assistance from 200 to 300 euros.

The same law pays two months installments until July 31 to those who have lost their 120 or 72 installment tax and insurance arrangements or become inactive until February 1, 2023. gives new possibilities to revive them. 2023.

One of the most important news of the week is how the ‘Prosopic Assistant’ program was launched, first in Athens and later outside the region, for fellow citizens with disabilities. 520 people have expressed an interest in becoming his Personal Assistant, 241 of whom have completed a free special training to stand next to citizens with severe disabilities, for whom the state offers up to €1,663 per month remuneration Now you can. Allowances καιλοιπώνπαροχών already received. Personal Assistant is the first request in 10 years. It will change the lives of disabled citizens as well as their families. In the first phase in Athens he will involve 1,000 people, in the second phase he will affect her 1,000 people in other regions, and in the third phase he will affect the entire region in 2024.

At the same time, the implementation of the Ημιαυτόνομης Διαβιος institution will begin in Greece for the first time. The aim of this program is the fastest possible return of employees who have been accepted at the facility over the years and a smooth transition into society and the labor market.

To illustrate, today about 400 children over the age of 15 live in institutions because they do not want to join the family themselves or because they are not accepted by their future parents or godparents. .

Until now, these children could only be institutionalized until they reached adulthood. Πλέον, ηημιαυτόνομηδιαβίωση gives them the possibility to live in her apartment for up to 26 people. These are apartments that accommodate up to 4 people, are fully equipped but also have the appropriate staff (social worker, social worker, protection agent). Thus, έφηβοι not only have secure accommodation, but also care and support for their autonomy. You will also receive a financial allowance of €375 per month, covering education, health, psychological support and professional guidance.

This week we also passed important legislation aimed at improving our transition framework and saving lives.

Surgery is considered the most modern treatment of the 21st century worldwide, as it is the only option for end-stage heart, liver and lung failure and the most effective treatment for renal failure. organ, tissue, and cell donations, and among the last ten countries of the Western world.

It is another aspect of our country that is not satisfying us and we would like to change it. Ιδρυματος «Αδλέ ξ Ωνάσης», and under the supervision of Professor of Health Policy ΗλίαΜόσιαλου and Professor of Surgery at Imperial College London and President of the European Metamotization Association ΒργάνωνΠαπαλόη, they made the changes necessary to obtain a modern public. Proposed porting policy.

A guide to the program «Ανακικλώνω – Αλλάζω Θερμοσίφωνα» was published this week. At least 120.000 νοικοκυριά, και η επιδοτεση reaches το 60% της δαπάνης . The total budget is 100 million. Euro derived from ΕΣΠΑ. The purpose of this program is to prevent the elderly from dooming with energy efficient thermoelectric heaters. It is estimated that this will contribute to a reduction of at least 210 million tons of carbon dioxide per year, while also saving citizens money by reducing electricity consumption.

I will close this post here. Thanks for taking the time to read it. And not only are they doing everything possible to help the families of Temple victims, but they are doing everything in their power to correct the medical conditions stemming from their past, and they all know they have no place in tomorrow’s Greece. Please allow me to assure you that I agree».

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