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Μακρόν για συνταξιοδοτικό: Εύχομαι η μεταρρώμηση να οπολετει την δεμοκρατική της πορές

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her president France, Emmanuel Macrona reform of the syntactic system, likely to be adopted by Congress without a vote tomorrow, was hoped to “complete the democratic process on all matters.”

Μακρόν για συντάξιοδοτικό: Εύχομαι η μεταρρρώμηση να οπολείει την δεμοκρατική της πορά-1

“The president of the republic expressed his hope that the text of the conference would be able to complete the democratic process with respect for all,” a message from the Greek president’s office to AFP said.

The French government is processing two proposals on Monday, and its response by parliamentarians will automatically translate into approval of an amendment to raise the upper retirement age from 62 to 64.

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