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ΛΑΡΚΟ: Στο… refrigerator, επιδοτομήνει από το κράτος

In addition to the financial burden on the order of 1.5 million a month for fixed-term contract payments to about 900 employees (who have been laid off and retired since last year but have remained employed without being hired) the industry is no longer Since it does not produce anything, it is an object.

That said, it stays in the fridge for the 4th year, but it stays state budgetη Metallurgical Industry ΛΑΡΚΟdespite the fact that the associated race for its exit and entry of strategic investors had already been completed by the end of the year and demand for the award was strong. 5.77 billion in damages to Greek taxpayers.

The new amendments add to the financial burden of €1.5 million per month for fixed-term contract payments to around 900 employees (those laid off and repaid since last year). ), Δημόσιο will likely continue to pay the fines imposed on him. European Court of Justice για τη μη προστέρων των κρατικόν επιδοτείνες προς τη ΛΑΡΚΟ. Now, Portas’ announcement before the elections has led the Treasury to grant another extension of special administration, this time even ‘annual’, until 7 February 2024. has passed a rule in the bill that provides for «Disposal of assets of ΛΑΡΚΟ and Ελληνικό Δημοσίου to investors occurred after the successful completion of two parallel competition procedures carried out by the Special Administration and ΤΑΙΠΕΔ». It also offered the possibility of entering into fixed-term employment contracts with its employees.


But while workers are paid for not working, the industry has been shut down for some time, market insiders say there will be significant gains as investors’ business plans foresee a gradual increase in production. Identifying loss of income. The production of ferronickel and nickel sulphate alloy is not advanced. 20.000 tons per year. is expensive. Given the continued increase in demand for energy storage as well as the automotive industry’s transition to electromobility, demand remains strong in the long term and conditions for the company to return to healthy profitability. is estimated to produce

In contrast, the process started in early 2020 will be extended until February 2024, at which point the process will be completed by the strategic investor (Κοινοπράσία ΓΕΚ ΤΕΡΝΑ – AD Holdings). ΛΑΡΚΟ is thus presented as an enduring monument to his Δημοσίου generosity in Greece. This is because operating under state control is estimated to have cost him $5.77 billion at constant prices from 1989 to 2015 to Greeks and Greek taxpayers. 2019. The conclusion is a study of the Center of Φιλελεύθερων Μελετών (ΚΕΦΙΜ) published in early February 2023. εύρο σε ληξιπρόθεσμες δεβίνές, mainly for public enterprises and organizations (ΔΕΚΟ). From 2008 to 2019, ΛΑΡΚΟ was profitable only in his 3 years (2010, 2011, 2016) and the rest of his 9 years, but the profit for the period was his 600 million exceeded. Euro, author of the study of ΚΕΦΙΜ, Professor Giorgos Μπήτρος and his ΚωνσταντίνοςΣαραβάκος. According to the European Court of Justice, the Greek state is owed $65.7 million if it does not attempt to recover illegal state aid from her ΛΑΡΚΟ from 2008 to 2011. Euro. Οπερκαιεγένετο.

Στο και παραστές αυτό άλλωστε σε Ειδική Περιδήσεις η επεράτης και με διαγωνισμές που πραγματοπησία αφενός ο επετερικός περισσότερας και αφετέρου το ΤΑΙΠΕΔ στερατικός επεδιτής. ΤΑΙΠΕΔ と特別経営陣の両方が、共同で ΛΑΡΚΟ の資産と冶金およびその他の権利をそれぞれ賃貸およびI arranged for it to be sold.

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