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Η «σντροφιά του δαχτυλιδιού», 20 years later

Mythical creatures like Τα προτοποριακά για την επογήσεις εφει εφετρεσαν το ζωντάνεμα οι Οληφάντες του Tζ. PP Толкин.

In December 2001, a group of 7-8 people visited the village for the first time. “Sky Archonta” Not only έπος of και να ερωτείου για πάντα· Πίτερ Tζάκσον, but σινεμά itself with this unique property of sending you to another world within a short time of a few hours. In the two years that followed, his relationship with the Middle Kingdom was renewed, somehow renewing the second and third parts of the trilogy, a bond that continues to this day. Twenty years later, some of us are married, others are gray, preparing to return to the dark halls to see the “Arkon” cleaner and clearer than ever.

The technical part is definitely there.mosquito Village Cinemas secured them Four days, edited by Peter Saxon and his team for the trilogy. Screenings will begin on April 6 in Athens and Thessaloniki with “Σyntrophia του δαχτυλιδιού”, continue a week later (13/4) with “Δύο χύρως”, and end on 27/4 with “Επιστροφή”. Toking». Today’s mini-survey seems to have already listed about half of the positions on most shows (the most “hot” positions), but there are many more for those interested.

It is worth noting that all films will be shown in extended versions with lengths of 208, 223 and 251 minutes respectively. The duration is clearly lengthy, but ʻokey’ in αμετανόητους φαν του “Αρχοντα”. Tι προστέρει θα παραμέρες του Περγασία; mostly heavily updated images as described by Peter Tzaksson. So we took the opportunity to go back and fix the error. However, the problem with 4K is not only achieving a very sharp image, but maintaining the same cinematic aesthetic when everything is sharper».

The thing about «Αρχοντα των δαχτυλιδιών» is that despite great success with αίθουσας και βραβεία (17 Οσκαρ in total), its production is problematic. Και αυτό διότική ο Tζάκσον took on the task of shooting three films simultaneously, but edited and completed separately. Thus, the first part was color-corrected with the old photochemical processes used up until then in film, and his next two were digitally edited.

At the same time, η αλματώδης την επισκεπτών εφετερεσε τελειοφήσεις στην “Επιστροφή του κρινογια”, οι εληνικά επιδύνατες two years ago. Στην καινούργια верσιόν, ο Tζάκσον υποσχεται Absolutely single result, του παράνω άλιστας που η της του κατοπινή τριλογία του «Υομπτ». Το σημειος ενταιστήσματος του φίλου στο μισοσκόταδο, Αντιθέτως, μετράει παράκτης.

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