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Η οδος του πανκ Παρθενόνα

The exhibition’s central ‘path’, an orthogonal ‘plaque’, leads to the ‘Punktenon’ and appears to be lined with a series of ‘Μαντόνες’. [Pinelopi Gerasimou]

«East beat» τιτλοφορίται η central υφασμάτινη «οδός» που χρήσεις οι Crow at the exhibition «Love Solidarity Death (LSD)», Στέγη του Ιδρώματα Ωνάση . It’s a ‘walkway’ made up of tiny patches of color that take visitors on an urban cross-country walk.

This idiosyncratic path creates a central axis for a particular and diverse narrative, transporting us from Peekyon’s plaques to New York clubs and ending with idiosyncratic marble ‘monuments’, static wonders and ‘panthenons’. . Πίσωτουορθόνεσαιονηςναόςγραφήσειςαπόμαύραπλαστικάκαφάσια, τοπρογκαι «Ark», his quadrilateral box featuring the marble arches of neoclassical houses. An elegant decoration.

Αφεθυση, γελάστε, αυτοσαρκασθυσι, διασκεδάστε, χορέβενε και ροσοντείτε τους παλμούς της πεικαστικής της ειαστικσ ίστκέκ Ααστικέκ これは、δίδυμο Λάκη と Αρη Ιωνά を紹介するこの特定の展覧会の πρόσταγμα –ίσως και το αποσταγμα – であり、ここで εικοσαετία のTwo brothers who leave their unique and idiosyncratic imprints in art because of Οπως σεμενει η επιμελετρια της Νάντια Αργυροπούλου, this η “ecthesial – επεισοδιακή αναδρομή στο μελληνική” was synthesized by The Callas – artists, artists, performers and local film organizers and video creators. Extraordinary explorers of space and other places and places – «recovering the main ingredients of their synergy», bring to the exhibition space episodes of multi-chested creative adventures.

The materials used by the two artists come from central Athens.

From the entrance to the exhibition, creative color effects capture the eye of the visitor. Under the sounds of Zitzikione, you will move between these unique objects, unique hall-handicrafts, ornate and intricate images that could be components of the psychedelic Mediterranean. The materials used by the two artists are gathered from small city churches in the heart of Athens, conveying a more human intimacy of daily life. From the heart of the city come two creator punk marbles that “build” his Parthenon. They are part of the ρείθρα of αθηναϊκών πεξοδρομιων and, thanks to the idiophyή mechanic Δημήτρη Κορρέ, participate in the φαινομενικά ευλωτη structure, but still balance the θαυμαστά. «Δύναμή της is η weakness της», σχολιάζει η κ.

On both sides of the “path” leading to the church, colorful, beautiful, lively and energetic women are raising their hands to the sky as if they were participating in a primordial dance. . On the back of each mantona, its scarifema is displayed on a small note page. It is the initial inspiration and the beginning of this rigorous work that must be done until the craft is finished. In this particular case, two lamb weavers, the mother and her two artist goddesses, have created a magnificent work, giving shape to the crow’s ears with needles.

«Υάραμα περδανάτε και, με hangover, στης πλάκες του Πικιόνη, και αισθάνεσαι θραύσματα, δίψα, ancient marmárα και κορες να συνυπάρχουν με πλάστικός πόχετευση, γάτες και πικροδάφνες, και ο ηλιος να παντά είναι από εἰκος παρατήσεις από τόν Μημέττό», they have γράψει οι ισιμοι στο σημείωμά τους, κι έυσε η φράση κενάντενει την έμπνευσή τους.

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