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Η αβεβαιοτητή costs a lot

Με αφορμή την αναταρακή στο για πληροφορική τρεπάικό συστήμεται ξύπνησαν εφιαλτικές μνήμες, που ηανθωπούτηνεα δενεα σικα Ξεκ 14 年前に倒産し、その後アメリカの銀行が倒産しましたが、数か月かかった緊急の復旧作業がありました。 in the world economy. Of course, the situation is not the same, nor are the underlying factors that caused today’s crisis. But the contradictions that have arisen lately are that everyone (eidikos and others) knows how sensitive the balance of the international banking system is, and whether a sliver of one point on earth is enough to spread fire everywhere. ). Having experienced the great crisis and heavy losses of the past decade, the EU appears to have gained important experience, but also gained new tools to deal with similar phenomena now and in the future. Analysis over the past few days has shown a better image on their radar, but there is still much work to be done if Europe is to move on to a true banking union and prevent as many dangerous crises as possible. I have.

Ultimately, adversaries serve no one and undermine the stability that is a prerequisite for progress.

Η χώρα Μας, με αφορμή Αλένα την Αναταρήήή suffered a decade of catastrophe, largely due to its weaknesses. At a crucial moment, everything hidden under the carpet is revealed. ηκοινωνίαπλήρωσεβαριτημα、τοπολιτικήσυσυσυσ因ランamμα諸erμαυπέστηβαριτατοπλήγμα、ασχέτωςανωλωωωωωλωωωλωλωωλωλωωλωλωλωλωλωλωωλωωλωλωωλωωλωωλωλωωλωωλωωλωωλωωνωλωλωλωλωλωνωωωちゃ圏をかけるこの劇的な期間は、起こった出来事の記憶を生き続ける市民に効果的です。 How many times has the country returned to the depths of the island? The situation did not fall like a cat from heaven, but was the result of a devastating epilogue with civic responsibility often espoused by the populist and idiosyncratic classes.

As the world tries to get back on track for prosperity and progress, despite setbacks and mistakes, we must be very careful not to return to chaos. Yeah, not only is it expensive, it can be devastating to the course of the country. Ultimately, adversaries serve no one and undermine the stability that is a prerequisite for progress. Citizens, of course, are not responsible because they have experience and knowledge of the costs and subsidies they often incur. The events of the past few days, accompanied by doubts about the stability of the banking system, show how easily plans and certainties can be thwarted.

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