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ΕΠΕΣ: Απεβίωσε ο άταστας Λανς Ρέντικ

Ο American actor Λανς Ρέντικ, known for his TV series The Wire», died today at the age of 60, his family announced.

The actor, who co-starred with Κιάνου Ριβς in the action movie series Τζον Βουίκ, was found dead at his home in the town of Στουντιο Σίτι του Λος Άντζελες, according to website TMZ.

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ΟΡέντικ became known as Χόλιγουντ in 2000. Thanks to the HBO network’s Oz series, he played a convict who goes to jail and unearths a network of drug dealers, but soon gets involved. I came to His star appeared in the series The Wire, often characterized as one of the greatest television his series of all time. He traced the story of a group of police officers dealing with Valtimo’s symphony. Ο Λανς Ρέντικ ουδυοτάν τον Σενδρικ Ντάνιελς, οναν ευσυνείδητο και ιδεαλιστή υπαστνόμο.

Ο Λανς Ρέντικ married Στέφανι Ρέντικ and had two children.

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