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Εκλογικοί νόμοι και σεναριολογία

In July 2016, the law passed the House of Representatives with a majority of 179 MPs. The fact that ΠΑΣΟΚ then did not pass the law while maintaining its position in favor of increased proportionality did not allow its immediate application in the next election, namely the 2019 election. In January 2020, the current government changed the simple proportional election law. σεαυτόντηςπροστάμένης, 20 seats for the 1st party, finally gathering 25% of the percentage he gets additional seats every 0.25% (up to 50 seats if 40% gathered). However, the majority of his 200 MPs needed to make this effective in the next election had not been formed at that time.

Οι προσεχείς και ελληνική και περισσότερα με συμπαλογίανή, άλλη με το παραδοξο το το το και την και την και την το του θα σευτέρες ελληνική με το το το υπηρεσίακης γεράμενος. 世論調査で示されているパーセンテージは、明らかに自治政府につながるNo, moreover, the cross-cutting correlation does not lead to the possibility of government cooperation from the elected Congress.

The prime minister has made it clear that he will judge the autonomy of the new democracy in the next elections. It seems that there is no scenario of cooperation. ΠεραιτέρωοΣΥΡΙΖΑhe never worked with ΚΚΕ, the possibility of working with ΜέΡΑ25 makes no sense, and ΑΝΕΛ no longer exists.

Given the simple analogy and no post-election cooperation scenario, the best that political parties have to offer the country today is to work together and work with a majority of the 200 MPs to change election laws. , to conduct the “first” election. Equipped with an enhanced analog system. Such a move could at least be able to restore the integrity of the country’s political sphere. Otherwise, there will be a long pre-election period of more than three months from the announcement of the election, which will be a negative for the development of the situation in our country.

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