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Αττική Οδός: Διόδια στα 2,5 ευρος προστέρει η νεία κόνσεις παραχεριος

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2.5 euros per day from 2.8 currently offered for new subscription plans Attikis Οδού.

Contracts may be amended and final documents submitted again shortly before Candidates who have passed the β’ phase of bidding. Abertis, Italian INC SpA (Gruppo Fininc), Joint Venture ΑΚΤΩΡ ΑΒΑΞ – Adrian Infrastructure, Joint Venture ΓΕΚΕΤΕΝΑ – First Centier, Joint Venture Brisa – Auto Estradas de Portugal – Rubicone Bidco, Investment Company Bauban and Egis, a Joint Venture with DIF Projects, a joint venture Κοπελούζου with αυστραλιανή Macquarie and a joint venture Vinci – Μυτιληναίος – Mobility Partners.

As you can see, the new contract does not include final rent, which is the scenario that was on the table.according to today’s report του Ιγοργον Λιάλιου στην «Κ», η «Αττική Οδός Α.Ε.» Euros from 2005 concession start (when the road is fully operational) to 2021. Not only is it a key component of the new contest, but it’s also a political issue (even months before the national election).


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