9 seconds ago

    Teenagers help authorities catch child sexual predators on Jensen Beach

    A Jensen Beach man was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted of…
    1 hour ago

    Forsyth County detention center officials were arrested for giving drugs to prisoners, agents say

    Forsyth County Detention Center official arrested for imprisoning prisoners Updated: June 28, 2022 11:45 pm…
    2 hours ago

    A nasty flyer of a corn-filled buggy left in some districts of South Florida

    Miami Beach- Some South Florida neighborhood concerns about strange and hateful leaflets left outside the…
    3 hours ago

    BPD announce arrest in connection to sergeant struck by car

    BPD sergeant struck, dragged by vehicle is on life support, police say Updated: 4:45 PM…
    4 hours ago

    The trailer for “Paper Girls” makes fun of time travel teens

    The trailer for the series that turned from graphic novels to television was dropped on…
    4 hours ago

    Exclusive Video: Manhattan Subway Allegedly Threatened Man Pulls Gun

    New York -Police say the subway train incident led passengers to pull out their guns…
    5 hours ago

    Fayetteville restaurants use robots during labor shortages

    Atlanta, Georgia (CBS46)-The secret to success is in an era when it’s difficult to find…
    6 hours ago

    See George Clooney and Julia Roberts reunited in the first “Ticket to Paradise” trailer

    The co-star of “Ocean’s Eleven” is back in a romantic comedy. Both appeared for the…
    8 hours ago

    Sam Asgari about a “surreal” marriage with Britney Spears

    actor Appeared in “Good Morning America” In a segment aired Wednesday to promote his next…
    8 hours ago

    “True Detective” Season 4 starring Cali Wraith and Jodie Foster

    Writer / Director / Showrunner Issa Lopez takes the lead Latest season.. The plot focuses…
      9 hours ago

      Glittering performance by Novak Djokovic

      Serbs have dominated Australian opponents for a long time, so they rarely need to sweat on the center court, further…
      11 hours ago

      “Right to Offend” stands for “Black Comedy Revolution” from the 1960s to today. CNN

      CNN ―――― The Right to Get Angry: The Black Comedy Revolution is a significant overlap with other recent documentaries. Dick…
      12 hours ago

      What will Serena Williams do next after the brave first round exit at Wimbledon? | CNN

      Wimbledon CNN ―――― Even after a year’s absence tennisSerena Williams hasn’t forgotten how to entertain. she Return to Grand Slam…
      13 hours ago

      Germany returns stolen Ngonnso statue to Cameroon

      Written by ReutersBerlin, Germany Germany will return the statue of the goddess stolen from Cameroon 120 years ago, the Prussian…
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